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DayApril 25, 2020

Daisy and Donald Duck in "Louie's Eleven!" DuckTales! Season 3, Episode 5

Daisy Duck Shines in New DuckTales!

Ducktales! Season 3, Episode 5 Review When it comes to shows like DuckTales, it can be hard to pick a favorite character. There’s just so much great talent behind the show and … Continue Reading Daisy Duck Shines in New DuckTales!

Mr. Freeze traps Harley Quinn in Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 4- Thawing Hearts

Love Thaws a Cold Heart in New Harley Quinn

We know that the Joker left a lot of mental scars on Harley Quinn before she finally dumped him. One of the scars that no one ever considered, though, was how skewed her concept of love. Or rather, she doesn’t think love is real. As she gets back to fighting Mr. Freeze, though, she gets a much-needed lesson on love and how it can thaw a cold heart.

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