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Drakken Joe is a Zombie!

Edens Zero Chapter 91 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 91 Review/Recap

Ever since we learned about Rebecca’s Cat Leaper, I’ve been wondering why Drakken Joe wants it. At first, I thought it was for obvious reasons. Having a power that acts as a reset button would make him unstoppable. However, the reasons may be more, desperate, as it were. At least, that’s what we learn in this new chapter of the manga as Homura faces down Sylph.


After meeting with the group, Old Sibir takes everyone to a storage room where they can hide. After learning that Weisz is from an alternate timeline, Sibir explains how the two originally fell out. In the original timeline, Weisz wound up stealing money from his gang that belonged to a loan shark called DJ Zombie. DJ punished Weisz by taking his arm. As a result, Weisz cleaned up his act, went back to school, and became a Professor. As for Zombie, he became even more powerful on Guilst and turned it into a cesspool. Who is DJ Zombie? None other than Drakken Joe himself.

Edens Zero Chapter 91 Drakken Joe's Past

Drakken Joe got his nickname because he didn’t seem to age. In fact, there are rumors he’s over two hundred years old! Rebecca then comes up with an idea about why he wants her power. What if whatever’s keeping him alive will soon fail him?

Edens Zero Chapter 91 Homura Blows Sylph Away

Meanwhile, Homura and Sylph continue their fight. Unlike last time, though, the two are more evenly matched. As their battle takes them to the same dancer hall, Sylph tries to increase her wind power. Only to be shocked when Homura shuts it down with her own wind power.


Even though the title of the chapter is “Homura vs Sylph“, that fight felt more like a side note. Which is a shame, considering how hard Homura initially had it against Sylph. While it felt great to see Homura wipe the floor with the wind girl, I didn’t feel satisfied because of how easy it was.

Keep in mind, we returned to the past right as the others were getting ready to board Belial Goer. Which means that Homura would have no time to get stronger, which would be necessary to beat Sylph. Yet here she shuts her down altogether. It doesn’t make sense, even with prior knowledge!

Complaints aside, this chapter gave us a big hint about Drakken Joe. If he really is undead like people claim, then that would explain the rumors that he’s two hundred years old. In addition, it also explains why he’d want Cat Leaper: to go back in time and become young again. All the more reason why the heroes need to stop him now.

So, on one hand, I liked the exposition and learning how Weisz went from delinquent to respected professor. On the other, the fight was too one-sided. I hope the next chapter will do better, though.

I Give “Homura vs Sylph” a 2.5/5

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  1. The fight did feel like a side note, but I don’t think Sylph was really that strong before. Homura had her focus on getting the case of Sister’s medicine to Weisz. Fighting Sylph was just a “distraction” for lack of a better term. I think that she’s now winning because she can completely focus on the fight-and is fully clothed unlike last time.

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