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Poison Ivy Gets Some Character Development

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 3- Trapped: Ivy and Catwoman

Harley Quinn Season 3, Episode 3 Review

You know who one of my favorite characters in Harley Quinn is? Poison Ivy. She’s stood by Harley when she needed it the most, and believed in her when no one else would. Ivy’s been Harley’s rock, but at the expense of her own development. That is, until this episode, where their roles are reversed, to my enjoyment.

Catwoman is Joker to Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman meet in Harley Quinn episode "Trapped"

Having killed Penguin and trapped Riddler in a hamster wheel, Harley’s next target is Mr. Freeze. He’s the one who literally put her on ice for months, so she wants payback. However, when she can’t melt her way into his fortress, she decides to steal Firefly’s plasma flamethrower from Dr. Trap. He’s this trap-based villain who’s got a museum of villain artifacts, and Harley and Poison Ivy can’t get inside. So Harley calls in a professional: Catwoman.

Personally, I don’t like this version of Catwoman very well. She has the whole femme fatale thing going for her, that’s for sure. However, I think she lacks the playfulness we expect from Catwoman. She looks down on others because she knows she’s good at what she does, especially Poison Ivy, who has a love/hate relationship with her. On the one hand, Ivy knows that Selina only cares about herself. On the other hand, she thinks that Selina’s so cool, even when she’s leaving her hanging.

From my viewpoint, Poison Ivy and Catwoman’s relationship mirrors what Harley had with Joker in the first season. Harley knew Joker was bad for her, but couldn’t help but fawn over the guy. Ivy helped her see that, so now it’s her turn to look after her friend.

Ivy Rediscovers Her Roots

In the end, Harley and Ivy’s boyfriend, Kite Man, help her realize that she shouldn’t try to emulate what Catwoman’s got going on. She’s got her own life that makes her happy, and she shouldn’t get rid of that. However, Catwoman does help the eco-terrorist realize that she’s spent so much time helping Harley that she’s neglected her own growth. As a result, she makes time to do what she loves: killing people who hurt the environment.

Ivy kills the Board of Directors of Ace Chemicals for Dumping Toxic Waste in Harley Quinn Episode "Trapped"

This leads to a moment where Harley and Poison Ivy have a heart-to-heart as the latter melts the board of directors of Ace Chemicals with their own toxic chemicals. Harley basically gives her friend the same support she offered her in season one, and Ivy admits that she’s happy with how her life’s turned out. It’s a heartwarming and morbidly hilarious scene that fits with the show’s writing, and I couldn’t help but smile at it.

I’m personally glad Ivy’s recognized that she needs time to focus on herself. She’s a great character that’s neglected a lot of development by spending time helping others. Having seen Steven Universe: Future, I know the consequences of what happens when a person helps everyone but themselves.

Dr. Psycho’s Insecurity

Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho’s going through his own issues in the B-Plot. He used to be an A-List villain until he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Now he’s working for Harley and his ego’s hurt. As a result, Riddler messes with Psycho to escape. Then he willingly goes back into captivity, having only done it to show that he could. It’s a fun little side plot that shows some cracks in the crew, but time will tell if this ends up mattering.

What’s most concerning is how so easy it was for Riddler to escape. He’s only staying there because he wants to. He’s got great exercise, good food, and front-row seats to the drama the Crew goes through. Odds are, he’ll escape when he’s bored with messing with Harley’s Crew.

Okay Filler Episode

This wasn’t my favorite episode of the show, but even a great show can have a few bad eggs, I guess. What it does do, though, is set us up for some potential plot threads as the series progresses over the spring and summer. I’d love to see it focus on Ivy as much as it does on Harley and the others. As long as the comedy keeps on coming, though, I can’t complain.

I Give “Trapped” a 3/5

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  1. Good episode. It was funny. I like the series but also don’t. It’s weird. Like I can’t watch it for too long or it’ll get annoying real fast for me.

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