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Sister the Sadist

Edens Zero Chapter 90 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 90 Review/Recap

So, Mashima’s made it no secret that Sister is a sadist in the past. She’s brash, crude, and has a domineering personality. Plus she has all that S&M stuff in her room. It’s mainly been played for laughs and background gags (thank heavens). However, this chapter sees Sister Ivry’s on full display as she gives Daichi of the Element 4 a taste of his own medicine. I almost pity the guy. Key word, almost.

Edens Zero Chapter 90 Cover Page


Sister continues her domination of Daichi as she unleashes ten years worth of repressed sadism on the man. Who, suprisingly, seems to enjoy it for a while. Once the euphoria wears off, though, Daichi subjects Sister to the same technique he used on Rebecca in the 29th world. At first, Sister seems to be helpless and in incredible pain from Daichi’s Ether Gear, Pain’s Tree.

Edens Zero Chapter 90 Sister's Power

However, Sister uses her Dispel Driver to reverse her bound status. Apparently, the Shining Stars don’t use Ether Gear; what they use is something called Ether Optimization. She only did it because she wanted to know what it’s like being the bottom. She doesn’t like it. So she proceeds to use her healing powers to heal Daichi until he overloads from stamina, just so she can torture him some more.

Edens Zero Chapter 90 Sister Uses Overheal Destroy
90 Old Sibir Appears

Inside of the base, Shiki, Rebecca, and the others arrive where Labilia is being held. However, unlike last time, she hasn’t been torture or hurt in any way. As a result, Rebecca thinks something’s up, even more so when Old Man Sibir appears inside the base.


Well, it’s official now: Sister manages to both impress and scare me. It has less to do with the fact that she’s letting her sadism loose on Daichi, even if he does deserve it. It’s more to do with the fact that she can turn her healing powers into an offensive weapon that can hurt people. Overloading their bodies with too much energy is a terrifying prospect to face in an enemy.

On a more immediate front, I’m now concerned with Labilia’s state and Sibir’s appearance in Joe’s base. In the previous timeline, Sibir helped the group before Fie murdered him. However, in this new timeline, he could end up selling out the heroes. Heck, the fact that Labilia’s not in such a horrorific state could mean something’s up.

Regardless, I doubt that next chapter will answer much. Instead, it looks like we’re going to see Witch square off against Laguna. Two of the Element 4 are down, two to go.

I give “Sister vs. Daichi” a 3/5

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