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Party Party Party

One Piece Chapter 977 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 977 Review/Recap

At long last, for the first time since the Dressrosa Arc, the Straw Hats are reunited! And just in time for the biggest party Wano has ever seen! With the Alliance now at full strength, the heroes sail at full speed to Onigashima. Their goal: take down Kaido and Big Mom, kill Orochi, and free Wano once and for all. Now, the enemy may know they’re coming thanks to Kanjuro, but the Alliance has a plan for this party!

At least, they did. By the way, this will be longer than normal, as I want to explain the strategy in detail. I like this kind of stuff.

One Piece Chapter 977 Cover Page


On the Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hats welcome Jinbei, who explains he had to get the Sun Pirates to safety, hence why he’s late. As for Kin’emon, he explains their battle plan to Law and the other Alliance leaders: Hyogoro leading the samurai, and Shishilan leading the Minks.

One Piece Chapter 977- The Party's Off!- The Original Battle Plan

The plan is this: Onigashima is surrounded by mountains. There’s only one official entrance at the mouth of a gate at the front. However, the plans for the island reveal a rear entrance. The Alliance would travel the mountains and hit Kaido from the back while he’s drunk.

Too bad that’s the plan that Kanjuro heard. So Law comes up with a new plan: since Luffy and Kid are idiots who will charge right in, they’ll send them to attack the front gate. While they’re drawing everyone’s attention, the Alliance will take the original routes, each with one of the Scabbards leading them. Law will take the others on his submarine, bypass the whirlpools surrounding the island, and get them in place at the rear. A four-pronged attack to surround the enemy.

One Piece Chapter 977- The Party's Off! The Straw Hats take out the vanguard.

Fortunately, the Straw Hats already took out the front gate while the soldiers were throwing a party. They had smelled alcohol and wanted to celebrate Jinbei joining. Luffy, though puts a stop to it and says they’ll wait until the enemy’s defeated. Then they’ll throw the biggest party ever.

Inside Kaido’s fortress, the party is already underway with everyone getting drunk and celebrating. As Kaido waits for his son and Big Mom to arrive, a crew member reports that the Flying Six, the strongest of the Headliners, have arrived.


I think we all knew that there was no way the Straw Hats would stick to any sort of plan for this party. At least, Luffy wouldn’t; he’d charge in and the Straw Hats would follow. Fortunately, Straw Hat is a one-man army, so I knew that things would work out in the end. It’s still funny to see them do exactly what Law predicted, though. If all goes well, the Straw Hats and the Kid Pirates will make it to Kaido’s base as the same time as everyone.

As for the Samurai, I thought it’s hilarious to see how everyone’s overestimating Kin’emon when really, he just got lucky. But Japan’s history has been influenced by luck in the past, so I think it’s appropriate. Plus, it will make for a heck of a story later!

Battle Plan Analysis

One Piece Chapter 977- The Party's Off! First Battle Plan

Regarding the new plan itself, I think that this is the best strategy they can come up with, for two reasons. First, if the bulk of the Alliance travels through the mountains to attack from the rear, and the Straw Hat and Kid Pirates attack from the front, the enemy will have to divide their forces. The Alliance may be outnumbered, but they may come close to matching the Yonko in quality; dividing their forces will give them an advantage.

One Piece Chapter 977- The Party's Off! Second Battle Plan
Second Possible Battle Plan

Alternatively, the Alliance could also attack from the mountains themselves. As a result, the numerically inferior Alliance can encircle and trap Kaido, Orochi, and Big Mom’s forces. That’s every military strategist’s dream come true!

I read a lot of military history in high school and college, so I know what I’m talking about. This is a good plan.

Party Time

There’s still factors that have yet to be accounted for, though. For one thing, we don’t know how drunk everyone at the party will be, nor how long before Kanjuro warns them. If they want to win, the Alliance has to be in position either before or right as Kanjuro warns Kaido.

There’s also the Flying Six, strongest of the Headliners. They’ll be a problem, for sure. In addition, there’s the reveal that Kaido, apparently, has a son. If he’s anything like his dad, then Luffy’s in trouble!

Sadly, we have to wait two weeks for the party to start for us. Shonen Jump is on break next week. Oh, well.

I Give “The Party’s Off” a 3.5/5. Good Battle Plan

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  1. If you’re wondering where I got my ideas for the battle strategy, look up the Battle of Cannae from the Punic Wars. The Carthaginian General Hannibal faced a Roman army that outnumbered him 3 to 1, and slaughtered them with a similar strategy.

  2. Not relying on the Strawhats to follow a plan is the smartest thing the others could ever do. Just let them and the Kid Pirates act the fool.

    I also like to mention how excited I am about the Strawhats reaching Laughtale. Jimbe and Nami (and Franky for building the Thousand Sunny) will really get to shine at some point on the way to the island.

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