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Hermit Wrecks Newb Sniper

Edens Zero Chapter 89 Review/Recap

In case it wasn’t clear in the last few chapters, the second attempt of Edens Zero to take down Drakken Joe is going to be the one that succeeds. How do I know? Because I’ve seen and read Mashima’s work long enough to recognize patterns in his stories. At this point, we’re now entering the point where the supporting heroes clear out the cannon fodder like badasses. Case in point, little Hermit wrecks Fiery Fie.

Edens Zero Chapter 89


Picking up where the last chapter left off, Noah explains to Rebecca and Shiki’s group why Joe’s so scary. He goes by two nicknames, the first being the Dark Alchemist. However, it’s the second that’s more unsettling: Undead Joe. Before he can finish explaining, the transmission’s cut off. The last thing the group hears is something about Joe’s weakness, though they have no clue what it is.

Down on the ground, Hermit continues her battle against Fie, who begins to get the upper hand with his fire Ether Gear, Flame Ammo. Using his flames as a cover, the crafty sniper slips away to his secret stash of weapons. Using his sniper rifle, he tries to take Hermit out like he did with Weisz in the first time around.

Edens Zero Chapter 89 Hermit dodges a bullet.

However, Hermit manages to dodge his bullets with little effort. She used her thermal sensors to track him the whole time. After that, she hacked into all of his weapons and proceeds to waste him. Since she’s not a monster, though, she coated all the bullets with Ether so he’ll live. With that, one of the Element 4 is down.

Edens Zero Chapter 89 Hermit rekts Fie


If this whole thing were a video game, then I think that what happened to Fie qualifies as getting pwned. I knew going in that Hermit was going to win this fight, but to be honest, I thought it would last a little longer. If they ever make an anime out of this, I guess they can just add some extra scenes for time’s sake.

That said, seeing Hermit put Fie in his place while mocking his abilities to be a sniper is cathartic. This was the guy that shot Weisz before Rebecca reset everything. That’s when things went downhill for the heroes. It also reinforces why the heroes lost the first time: they went in blind and with no plan.

Edens Zero Chapter 89 Hermit turns Fie's weapons on him.

On a bigger scale, I’m intrigued by what it was that Noah was trying to say in the end. What is Drakken Joe’s weakness? Was it something we learned about already? I can only speculate for now, though. It seems we’ll have to wait to find out. The next few chapters will probably be the Shining Stars beating the Element 4 into the ground while Shiki’s team makes their way to Labilia. In other words, sit tight; we’ve got a ways to go before the big fight.

I Give “Hermit vs. Fie” a 3/5. Not the best fight, but Seeing Fie get wrecked was hilarious.

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