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Our Roster is Now Complete! On to Onigashima

One Piece Chapter 976 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 976 Review/Recap

Last week, One Piece took a vacation as the Alliance finally assembled for the final battle. 5,400 pirates, Minks, ninja, samurai and Yakuza all poised to take down Kaido, Big Mom and Orochi. However, the Straw Hats roster is not yet complete with one member missing. Until now that is.

One Piece Chapter 976 Cover Page


Though the Alliance is now assembled and ready to head to Onigashima, there’s a more immediate problem. The traitorous Kanjuro still has Momonosuke hostage, and plans to warn tell Orochi everything. Despite everyone’s best efforts, nothing can stop Kanjuro from escaping. So Momonosuke tells everyone to not worry about him. He’ll get out of this on his own. Impressed, Luffy tells him to survive and he will rescue him since they’re friends.

One Piece Chapter 976 Momonosuke Mans Up

The remaining Beast Pirates, though, have other ideas. Using long range cannons made in Wano’s factories, they begin to pick off the fleet one by one. However, when all seems lost, a massive burst of water sinks the enemy ship! Who is responsible for this save? None other than the Straw Hat’s newest crewmember, Jinbei the Sea Knight! At long last, the Straw Hat roster is now complete!


I was hoping that the Alliance would be able to save Momonosuke before Kanjuro escaped. So much for that, I suppose! Just as bad, Kanjuro will warn the Yonko and Orochi of the coming battle. As a result, the Alliance loses the element of surprise they once had.

Am I worried about that or Momonosuke? No, not really. The Alliance may be outnumbered, but I have a feeling they outclass the enemy force. That, and I know that when Luffy says he’s going to save someone, they’re as good as saved. Especially if he calls them his friend.

On another note: Emperor Carnage, I tip my hat to you! Jinbei showed up just like you said he would! For the first time since the Dressrosa Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates roster is full. And as we’ve seen many times before, when the Straw Hats all fight together, they can topple armies. Bring it on, Kaido. You should have killed Luffy when you had the chance!

One Piece Chapter 976 to Onigashima

I Give “Allow Me to Introduce Myself” a 3.5/5. Big setup, slow start, Classic Oda Introduction

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