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New Season, New Mysteries!

DuckTales Season 3 "Challenge of the Junior Woodchucks"

DuckTales Season 3, Episode 1 Review

Here’s another positive thing that we have to look forward to this Spring: a new season of DuckTales! If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ll know that I think the reboot of DuckTales! is one of the best cartoons in recent years. It’s both nostalgic due to its art style and call backs to the Disney Afternoon shows, while also being modern and original. Given all we’ve learned, this looks to be the show’s most ambitious season yet!

From this moment going forward, I’m abandoning the “Recap/Review” formula I use for cartoons. I’ll be using it for anime and manga, but not other cartoons.

Huey’s Time to Shine

DuckTales Season 3 "Challenge of the Junior Woodchucks" Huey's Dilemma

Each season of the show has had a different member of the triplets undergo an important character arc. Dewey’s was learning the truth about what happened to his mom. Louie tried to figure out his role in the family and learned a lesson on humility. By that logic, this season will see Huey get center stage. He certainly does in the premiere where he has to come to terms with that he can’t always be the best.

If you know Huey in the reboot, then you know that being the best Junior Woodchuck he can be means a lot to him. So when he learns that both he and Violet have to compete to see who becomes a Senior Woodchuck, he’s visibly shaken. When she continually proves to be a better Woodchuck, Huey briefly abandons his teachings to win, an action that he regrets.

Fortunately, Violet’s there to give him a valuable lesson. She’s already tried to make Senior Woodchuck three times, only to fail. But failure can give birth to success, a lesson that Huey seems to take to heart as he gracefully concedes defeat. It’s an important life lesson for kids to know that, while they may fail, they can still learn and grow from it.

Dewey and the Dancing Bird

Meanwhile, Scrooge tries to take the rest of the family on a treasure hunt using a map left by his hero and legendary Woodchuck, Isabella Finch. Only, the rest of the family’s uninterested in following a map when their entire thing is to explore the uncharted. Plus, they’re more focused on this weird, colorful bird that Dewey starts dancing with.

Ultimately, Scrooge learns an important lesson: you can look up to your heroes, but you shouldn’t try and copy what they do all the time. Plus, that bird ends up leading them on the right path, anyway. Turns out it’s a descendant of Finch’s pet bird that serves as the Woodchuck’s mascot.

A Good Segue to New Season

DuckTales Season 3 "Challenge of the Junior Woodchucks" F.O.W.L. Watches

So, this first episode was not my favorite by far. If I’m being honest, I lost interest about halfway through the whole thing. However, this does set the show up for the main plot of the season. As it turns out, the treasure of Isabella Finch is her adventuring journal, complete with a list of mysteries that she could never solve! So Scrooge and the Duck family decide to solve these mysteries for themselves!

However, they’re not the only ones interested. At the end of last season, we learned of the existence of F.O.W.L., a crime syndicate that sees the heroes escapades as threats to their power. They spy on the family and decide to beat them to these ancient treasures and artifacts.

With that, we’ve got our plot for the new season of DuckTales!, and it sounds like it’s going to be the most entertaining one yet! I’m giddy with excitement just thinking about it!

So, this season opener wasn’t a very memorable one for me, but considering how fun even the worst episodes of this show can be, I’m going to give it a pass. Here’s to another season of unbelievable adventures!

I Give “Challenge Of The Senior Junior Woodchucks” A 3/5

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Stray Observations

  • Did you see how Della’s now a part of the introduction to the show? She’s really here to stay!
DuckTales Intro, now with Della Duck
  • Can we all just acknowledge the reveal that Violet has two dads? I love the fact that we’ve gotten to the point where kid’s shows can casually have same-sex couples. Love knows no bounds!
  • According to the show’s staff, Violet’s dad’s adopted Lena some time ago.

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