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Eye of God

Homura's New Form Edens Zero Chapter 88

Edens Zero Chapter 88 Review/Recap

Sometimes, a storyteller manages to find the perfect title for their work. A title that sums up everything they’re trying to say. In Hiro Mashima’s case, he manages to do just that in this week’s chapter of Edens Zero. Not only does “The Eye of God” reference something in the story, but also alludes to the fact that we, the readers, are watching over the story with an omnipotent status.

Or I’m overthinking it.

“Leg Sexiness?” So in his last manga, Mashima put emphasis on one type of fanservice. Now he’s doing it for another?


Upon seeing Master Noah appear before them, Shiki tries to clobber him. He did sell Rebecca out to Guilst, after. Unfortunately for him, it’s just a hologram so that they may talk. As it turns out, Noah also has an Ether Gear, the Eye of God. It lets him observe people’s locations in the universe, even beyond time itself. In other words, he’s well aware of Rebecca’s Cat Leaper.

Ten years ago, Noah’s Eye of God let him realize that Rebecca should have died in the car crash that led to Happy becoming a cyborg. However, she manifested Cat Leaper without knowing it. Whenever she faced something where she would die, Cat Leaper saved her without remembering it. The last time she did it was her 30th time, but now she remembers it. Noah manipulated events and sold Rebecca out for a reason: to beat Drakken Joe.

Meanwhile, the fight between the Shining Stars and the Element 4 continues. Thanks to Rebecca’s knowledge, the heroes kick the Element 4’s butts. Witch fights Laguna, Hermit rains fire on Fie, Sister puts Daichi in his place. As for Homura, she turns the tables on Sylph at last. The fight is now in Edens Zero favor at last!

Homura's New Form Edens Zero Chapter 88


Well, I have seen a lot of exposition dumps in manga in my time; Mashima’s no stranger to it. However, I think “Eye of God” may be one of the most interesting he’s done yet.

Way back in the second chapter, I saw how Happy got killed by a drunk driver. That was one of the worst moment’s of Rebecca’s life. However, knowing that her Cat Leaper saved her when she should have died? That’s got to be really traumatizing! In addition, think of the implications this has: Rebecca could have died several times in the manga already only for Cat Leaper to reset everything. Way to freak us out, Mashima!

I honestly don’t trust Master Noah, despite him saying he wants Drakken Joe defeated. He made Rebecca go through so much pain, and he knew about it thanks to Eye of God. That’s messed up! That said, I agree with his fears about Joe. If he got his hands on Cat Leaper, the ability to reset time, there’s no telling how much damage he could do. He needs to be stopped.

I have no idea what will happen next in Edens Zero, but if this keeps up, the Belial Goer Arc may be one of Mashima’s best stories as a mangaka. And getting to see the Element 4 put in their place is so cathartic!

I Give “Eye of God” A 4/5

Also, I laughed my butt off when I saw Sister show Daichi her coin:

Daichi: I went 60 days without torturing anyone!
Sister: Bitch, please!

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  1. I agree with your suspicions about Noah; he’s not the crew’s ally-just Drakken’s enemy. That said; they can at least trust that he has a similar goal-if only a near sighted one.

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