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Endeavor And Hawks

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 24 Endeavor Takes the Stage

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 24

It’s been a crazy season for My Hero Academia, and while the second half hasn’t been as exciting, it still aims to go out with a bang. Until now, the show hasn’t really focused on how All Might’s retirement has affected the Heroes. All we know is that Endeavor is now the number one hero, but people aren’t that confident in him. In this episode, though, we see him start to make an effort to change how people think of him. Even if he doesn’t do a good job at it.


My Hero Academia S4 Episode 24 Main Highlights

With the School Festival over, Class 1-A gets some exciting news: Eri is going to be living in the Teacher’s Dorms! Due to her Grandfather, the head of the Hassakai, being in a coma, Mr. Aizawa’s basically adopted her so they can learn how to control her powers and then reverse what happened to Togata. In the meantime, the Wild Wild Pussycats visit and bring Kota, who acts like a tsundere fan of Midoriya.

On a national scale, the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart, which determines the ranking of Heroes in Japan, releases for the first time since All Might’s retirement. Endeavor is now officially the number one Hero, while in second place is a young man named Hawks. After the new ranks are revealed, Hawks pulls Endeavor aside and asks him to come with him to his hometown. He reveals that he’s been tracking reports of more Nomu across the country, and that he wants to help Endeavor become the leader that the Heroes need. However, their meeting gets interrupted when an extremely powerful Nomu attacks them, forcing Endeavor into battle.


If All Might is the Superman of My Hero Academia, then Endeavor has to be its Batman. It’s dark, edgy, and abrasive Batman that doesn’t care what others think of him. We’ve already seen how much of a jerk Endeavor can be; look at his son, Shoto! However, I think we’re finally see him own up to the fact that he was a jerk and try to change. Trying to be like All Might, though, isn’t going to work.If he wants to make the title of No. 1 Hero his own, he has to do it in his own, Endeavor-way. At least he has Hawks to back him up.

I don’t quite know what to think of Hawks. On the one hand, he acts very laid-back and lazy despite being the No. 2 Hero at such a young age. At the same time, this episode shows how seriously he takes his Hero duties, protecting people while walking down the street and giving out autographs. In addition, while he has the ability to do so, he has no desire to be No. 1 because of all the work; he thinks Endeavor can be that guy. In other words, he wants to be the man in the chair for the hero so he can be lazy.

Endeavor and Hawks make for an interesting pair, but I think them being polar opposites is what makes this episode work. It almost makes me feel bad that the season’s ending next week, as I want to see more of their relationship. For now, though, the villains seem to be gearing up for something big with that new Nomu. With the next episode the last one of the season, here’s hoping that it lives up to the series motto: GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!

I Give “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” a Solid 4/5

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