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How It Should Have Happened

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Four Shining Stars United

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Review/Recap

When the Edens Zero team first went after Drakken Joe, they made a lot of mistakes. First and foremost, they charged in with no plan, no intel, and understrength. As a result, we got that tragic series of events that, thankfully, got erased by Rebecca’s Cat Leaper (unless multiverse theory works in this manga.) Thanks to Rebecca’s warnings, though, this time the Edens Zero knows what to do, and ready to humiliate Drakken Joe. The real battle’s about to start, and I’m pumped for it!

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Cover Page


Since Shiki can’t beat Drakken Joe as he is now, the Demon King has to accept that he needs to avoid fighting him. Instead, the group’s main focus is to rescue Lablila; and at Weisz’s suggestion, steal some of him loot. As they approach the gates of Joe’s headquarters, though, they’re met by the sight of the Element 4.

It’s about time the Element 4 get knocked back!

Thanks to Rebecca’s knowledge, the crew knows what to expect from the Element 4, though. In order to buy the others time, the Four Shining Star (now including Homura) face the Element 4 in battle. For the first time in years, the Four Shining Stars heads into battle!

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Four Shining Stars United

Meanwhile, the rest of the group takes Rebecca’s ship infiltrate Joe’s ship. Thanks to a combination of Rebecca’s piloting and Shiki’s Satan Gravity, they’re able to make it to the rooftop. However, they’re met by an unexpected face: Noah, head of the Shooting Starlight Guild.

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Noah Appears


First off, I would like to reiterate that this is how Edens Zero should have done things in the original timeline. They’re facing the most powerful crime lord in Sakura Cosmos, so they need to have all hands on deck. Unlike the last time though, I think that Edens Zero will be able to beat the Element 4; they know many of their techniques giving them the advantage. I still expect it to be a visually spectacular fight, though.

More importantly, this chapter finally has the mysterious Noah meet face to face with Rebecca. I’ve been suspicious about Noah since the Guilst Arc, and that’s only been magnified in the time since. Who is he and who’s side is he really on? I’m hoping that Mashima’s finally ready to tell us these things in the next chapter. We’ve had to wait long enough.

This chapter was another strong one from Edens Zero, and helps cement the Belial Goer Arc as the best story it’s told yet!

I Give “4 on 4” a 4/5

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