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The Alliance Assembles!

One Piece Chapter 975 The-War-to-Liberate-Wano-Begins

One Piece Chapter 975 Review/Recap

In the last chapter of One Piece, the story finally returned to the present. We learned that Kanjuro was a spy for Orochi the entire time. Worse, the Scabbards got surrounded by the Beast Pirates and Momonosuke was captured. It looked like the end for the Alliance. However, we know better than that. Sure enough, the Straw Hat, Heart, and Kid Pirates showed up in their ships, ready for battle. The opening salvos of the war to liberate Wano are about to be fired!

Grab some popcorn. This is going to be good.

One Piece Chapter 975 Cover Page


Despite being caught off guard by the pirates arrival, the Beast Pirates refuse to back down. They boast about how their allies will all die, and about the alliance between Kaido and Big Mom. Luffy, Law, and Kid couldn’t care less, though, and kick the Beast Pirates butts. Just then, Boss “Kyoshiro” appears, and the Beast Pirates think they’re saved. However, “Kyoshiro” attacks them instead, and finally reveals his true identity as Denjiro of the Nine Red Scabbards.

Denjiro then pledges the support of his family to the Alliance before revealing that he freed the thousand prisoners in the Flower Capital. Better still, Denjiro tells everyone that Orochi’s destruction of the bridges changed nothing. the Alliance forces had already linked up at the true rendevous point: the Maple Tree that Lord Yasuie cherished. More than 5,400 warriors now stand ready to fight.

One Piece Chapter 975 The-War-to-Liberate-Wano-Begins


I cannot stop grinning after reading this chapter; I’m esctactic! I’ve seen the Straw Hats rally against impossible odds like this before. Even so, I can’t help but laugh my butt off at what they did! The Alliance now has an army of 5,400 pirates, samurai, ninja, and minks ready to free Wano.

This is a sizable army by pirate standards. However, the Alliance is outnumbered four to one. The Beast Pirates have 20,000 members, with most of its upper members on par with the Alliance Members. There’s also Orochi’s men and anyone Big Mom has brought with her. In other words, this will still be an uphill battle.

In addition, there’s still no sign of Jinbei anywhere, so the Straw Hats have yet to be fully reunited. However, I think he’ll show up before or during the battle like a badass.

Am I worried? Not in the slightest. They may be outnumbered, but from what I’ve seen from the Alliance, they have the Yonko outclassed. This will be a day long remembered. It will see the end to Orochi, and hopefully, the fall of Big Mom and Kaido. BRING IT ON, BITCH!

I Give “Kin’emon’s Plan” A 4.5/5

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4 thoughts on “The Alliance Assembles! Leave a comment

  1. I get the feeling that we’ll see Jinbei during the middle of the raid. It’ll start off with no clear winner, then Jinei makes his appearance, signifying a turning point in the battle. Then some crazy shenanigans on the level of Marineford(or hopefully BIGGER) will occur. Don’t know what exactly, but…….it’s Oda.

    • I’m hoping that this will be on part with Marineford. If the Alliance wins, then the world’s going to change forever. Firstly, the Kozuki Clan will be restored as the rightful rulers of Wano. Secondly, Momonuske will open Wano’s borders and end their isolation. Thirdly, it would lead to the fall and potential deaths of two of the four Yonko.

      Add all that up, and the chaos that’s already engulfing the world will get even messier.

  2. It’s the simple things like having all the Strawhats together (minus Jinbe) and seeing The Worst Generation captains arguing like in Shabody that made me smile.

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