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Remembering to Smile

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 23 Let it Flow School Festival

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 23 Review/Recap

You know, it’s almost funny when you think about it. Right now, the world of My Hero Academia is going through some tough times. Meanwhile in the real world, everyone’s hunkering down from the pandemic. But you know what, it’s in these trying times that we need to remember how to smile and have fun. That’s just what this episode of My Hero Academia does for us.


Thanks to Deku’s efforts, Gentle and La Brava’s plans to crash the school festival are stopped. Gentle turns himself in to the heroes and tells them he brainwashed La Brava so she won’t go to jail with him. Before he leaves, though, he affirms his respect to the young hero, who then proceeds to finish his task and make it back in time for the concert.

And rather than talk about it, I’ll just show you what happens.

Needless to say, the concert, and the festival, are a huge success, with everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. And best of all, Eri was finally able to smile for the first time in living memory. At last, Overhaul’s grasp on her has been broken.

As for Gentle and La Brava, the authorities seem like they’re willing to be lenient with them.


I absolutely loved this episode; it’s the best one since the fight between Deku and Overhaul. It wasn’t action-packed or suspenseful as any of the big fights in the series, but it’s still a great episode. In fact, I think Studio BONES improved on the manga. As great as it can be, some things can only be fully appreciated in animated form.

Being able to see Eri smile for the first time was enough to bring tears to a person’s eyes, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Right now, the entire world’s paralyzed with fear by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Here in America, the country’s close to being on lockdown! People are as scared, confused, and alone as Eri was when we first met her.

I know it may sound silly, but I think that it’s in times of hardship that we need to remember the importance of smiling and having fun. No matter how bad things may get, we need to keep reminding ourselves that things can get better, and it’s concerts like what Class 1-A put on that help with that. Heck, even Gentle and La Brava get a silver lining from all this.

Rather than treat him badly, the authorities seem to be willing to help him rebuild his life. Moreover, they’re impressed with La Brava’s hacking skills and even offer her a job. Hopefully, they’ll be able to turn their lives around and move beyond their sad past together. GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA

I Give “Let It Flow! School Festival!” a 5/5.

Also, I love the face that Bakugo makes here

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 23 Let it Flow School Festival Bakugo Victory Face

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