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Ashoka Alone: The Lost Chapters Begin!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 5 Review

If you watched Star Wars: Rebels or read the name of the same name, then you already know where Ashoka Tano’s story will take her. After leaving the Jedi for their betrayal, she goes on to become an early leader of the Rebellion and lives to see the fall of the Empire. However, that’s years from now, and there’s still a big hole in her story. What did Ashoka do in the days after she left the Jedi, and how did they shape her into the Rebel Leader she became? The final season of The Clone Wars is finally giving us a look at what she did. As far as openings go, though, I’m not impressed.

Ashoka In Her New Life

No Lightsabers, no Clone Troopers, No Problem

The episode “Gone With a Trace” starts out with Ashoka in the kind of situation one could expect. She’s got nothing but an old speeder and the clothes on her back, and no desire to go back to the Jedi. Had she been in this situation when the show started, she wouldn’t last long; scratch that, few Jedi would last long. They’re powerful, but living apart from the Galaxy makes it hard for them to act normal.

Fortunately, I knew Ashoka would be able to handle her new lifestyle with grace, for several reasons. Firstly, thanks to being taught by a mechanical whiz like Anakin, Ashoka has an extensive knowledge of droids and vehicles. That’s a marketable skill, something that can help her survive. Secondly, she’s got the Force and her martial arts training, so she can defend herself. The one thing she lacks is how to deal with people in a morally grey world that doesn’t really like the Jedi anymore.

Speaking of morally grey, the plot of the episode involves Ashoka befriending two sister, Rafa and Trace Martez, as they try to complete a legally questionable deal. And that deal involves building droids that were designed to destroy. Ashoka’s morally opposed to this, and to a lesser extent, I know Trace is, as well. However, Rafa argues that they do what they need to to survive.

In hindsight, I think this is an example of how the Jedi failed the Galaxy.

Lost their Perspective


I will always admire the Jedi and the good they can do for people. And they didn’t deserve what happened to them in the end. That said, as I’ve gotten older, I realize that Barriss was right: the Jedi lost their way. They were so consumed by war that they forgot that they’re supposed to be helping those who can’t help themselves, like the Martez sisters. The Jedi should bring hope to the helpless, yet Ashoka has to hide who she is.

I could go on about how the Jedi lost their perspective, but I want to end on a high note. Ashoka’s doing what the Jedi were meant to do: going out and helping those in need. This is what the Jedi need to be, and if Disney stops dragging their heels and have Rey rebuild the order, I hope that’s how it will turn out.

We all know what Ashoka’s future holds, and we have yet to see where her story ends. However, I think her experiences in the final days of the Clone Wars will be what shape her into the rebel leader we see in the future. This episode may not be as good as it could be, it sets us up for something bigger.

I Give “Gone With A Trace” A 3/5

Stray Observations

  • I’m hoping that those droids are going to be used for droid fights. At least that’s cool!
  • Am I the only one who thinks it was sweet that she called Anakin her “older brother”
  • Darth Sidious did play a large part in making sure the Jedi looked bad, but they were already screwing up on their own.

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  1. I love Ashoka being introduced to more of the gray areas of life. Makes it more believable why she never returned to the Jedi Order.

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