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Spoilers Save the Day

Edens Zero Chapter 86- All-Out Assault

Edens Zero Chapter 85 Review/Recap

I know that I’m in the minority when I say this, but I don’t mind spoilers. They can help you avoid a movie that won’t be worth your time, they can save you days on a video game that has a lame ending, etc. The point is, sometimes spoilers can be a good thing. In this case, Rebecca having knowledge of the future is helping Edens Zero turn the tables on Drakken!

To quote Wolverine in The Uncanny X-Men Issue #132:

The Uncanny X-Men Issue #132- Wolverine's Famous Line
Edens Zero Chapter 86 Cover Page


Just like before, Witch wipes the floor with the boarding party. This time, though, Rebecca’s spoilers make sure that the intruders are dealt with: the slime woman’s trap is negated. The invisible man: busted. And that robot virus program? Hermit starts working on how to delete him. In other words, the Edens Zero is secured.

Afterwards, Rebecca tells everyone about Drakken Joe’s powers and the tech he can use to steal people’s Ether Gear. On top of that, Rebecca give everyone intel on the Element 4 and Jinn. However, Sister believes that if they offer to heal Jinn’s sister, then he may defect to their side. Joe himself, though, is too powerful for any of them to handle. However, thanks to spoilers, Shiki has a plan:

They ram the Edens Zero right into the Belial Goer, and head straight for Joe’s HQ. Livid, Joe sends every one of his forces after the heroes. Their orders: kill everyone except for No. 30.


Like the title of this post says, spoilers save the day, turning the Edens Zero’s defeat to their advantage. Thanks to Rebecca, the crew’s dealt with the threat aboard the ship, they know what to expect from the Element 4. Heck, they have a plan to deal with Jinn if he shows up again. The one thing left to take care of is Joe himself, but I believe that Shiki has some crazy plan to deal with him. In addition, seeing Joe lose his cool after all this time is so satisfying!

Despite how good things are going, though, it’s that final panel that has me most concerned. Joe refers to No. 30, which I assume means Rebecca. Originally, she was No. 29, so why the change? Could it be an affect on the timeline? Or is it the number of times that Rebecca has jumped back in time? Did she do it before without having any memory of it? So many questions, so few answers.

One thing’s for sure, though: I’m fired up for the next chapter. It’s time to show Drakken Joe why he shouldn’t mess with Edens Zero!

I Give EZ-Attack a 4.8/5

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  1. I don’t mind spoilers either. They get me hyped for what’s coming out! And I really liked this chapter, as well. I hope we get to see Sister and Hermit(and Mosco) fight at some point. It may not happen soon, but it WILL happen.
    Oh, and…….that’s all 3 points I made. See my review tomorrow to find out what I mean, if you don’t already know.

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