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My Hero Academia S4 Episode 22 Important Scenes

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 22 Review/Recap

How many of you have had some fantastic dream as a child only for it to be crushed by reality? I’m pretty sure that everyone has, but that doesn’t make our inability to attain it hurt any less. Why bring this up? Because we get a look at Gentle and La Brava’s pasts in this episode, and it makes us realize that they’re not evil. They’re just two people who’ve had a lousy life and are trying to make something of it.


My Hero Academia S4 Episode 22 Important Scenes

With the School Festival about to start, Deku’s trying desperately to apprehend Gentle, and La Brava before the alarm can be raised. Thanks to his new gauntlets, the young hero can keep up with the duo, finally pinning them down. In desperation, La Brava activates her Quirk, Lover. Once a day, she can power up the person she loves most beyond their normal limits, giving Gentle the strength to match Deku. However, not even this is enough, as Deku uses his power and analytical mind to subdue Gentle.

The episode then shows us two flashbacks about Gentle and La Brava. Growing up, Gentle wanted to be a Pro-Hero, but couldn’t make the grades for it; when he tried to help a hero one day, someone got hurt. This experience led him to become a villain so he could write himself into history. La Brava, a depressed middle school student, found his work online, and it inspired her to meet him and help him with his dream. Realizing he cares too much for La Brava to let her stay a villain, Gentle uses the last of his strength to throw Deku away and then turns them both in to some patrolling heroes, saving the Festival.


My Hero Academia S4 Episode 22 Gentle and La Brava's Dream

I read the manga chapters for the School Festival months ago, so I already knew the story of Gentle and La Brava. Even so, it’s sad to see how their lives turned out. Gentle is what Deku could have ended up turning into if he hadn’t met All Might, down to interfering in a Pro-Hero’s work. Having to give up on your childhood dream is one of the hardest things a person can experience, and too many people end up doing so. The same goes for La Brava, who was barred for being considered weird.

Both of these two villains had terrible hands dealt with them in life, but that led them to find each other, and this episode shows how much they mean to each other. It helps show that they’re not bad people; they need help. Thanks to Deku interfering with their plan, they can get a chance to change for the better.

This episode didn’t come close to the Hassakai Arc, but I think it serves as an exciting look into what could have happened to Deku if no one had believed in him. In the long run, I think this will help Deku become a better person. For now, though, the School Festival and the heroes dream of assisting Eri can move forward. Go beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “School Festival Start” a 3/5

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