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The Traitor Revealed?

One Piece Chapter 974 Review/Recap

When I had heard about the rumor that there was a spy amongst the Nine Red Scabbards, I didn’t believe it. I had seen how loyal these men were to each other, and after everything they went through, the thought of one of them being a traitor never crossed my mind. After this chapter, though, I can deny it no longer: there’s a traitor in the Nine Red Scabbards. And you won’t believe who it is.


In the past, “Komurasaki” and “Kyoshiro” meet in secret to discuss how Orochi is infatuated with the young woman. In case she needs to get away from him, both agree to fake her death. A few months before the present day, Orochi gets a letter from the traitor that confirms his worst fears: the Scabbards are alive, sent into the future by Toki’s powers. Kaido finds it hard to believe that there’s a spy amongst Oden’s men, but Orochi says that without him, he never would have been able to align with Kaido.

In the present day, the remaining Scabbards choose to set out for Onigashima, even though Kine’mon is certain they have a traitor in their midst. At their moment, said traitor chooses to reveal themselves: Kanjuro, a member of the Kurozumi Clan.

Decades ago, Kanjuro was an actor who watched his parents be murdered for their last name. Orochi took him in, gave him his Devil Fruit, and had him join Oden as a spy. He had been funneling information to Orochi all this time, hiding his allegiance from everyone. The Kanjuro in the boat was a decoy, while the real one takes Momonosuke hostage to take him to Orochi. The remaining Scabbards are surrounded by the Beast Pirates, with no way out.

At that moment, hope appears in front of them. The ships of the Straw Hat, Heart, and Kidd Pirates appear and lay waste to the Beast Pirates. The three members of the Worst Generation proclaim that on the sea, they’ll deal with any pirates.


Well, consider this flashback now wrapped up with a neat bow on top. I knew that Denjiro had faked Hiyori’s death, but it was nice to see that they had planned it in advance. That said, I still can’t believe that Kanjuro was the traitor amongst the Kozuki Clan. The fact that he kept to his role even in the face of death with his “comrades” is almost insane to think about. Then again, I’ve seen other people in manga who have turned out to be deep-cover spies. As a result, this isn’t new to me.

However, for all their scheming, the Kurozumi Clan made one mistake: they underestimated the strength of the Alliance. Specifically, they underestimated the Straw Hat Pirates. The fact that the Straw Hats, Heart, and Kid Pirates are now here only confirms that the Alliance hasn’t lost yet. They probably regrouped elsewhere and are ready to attack.

I enjoyed the story of Oden Kozuki, but now that it’s over, I’m fired up for the war. Next week, the war for Wano finally begins. #KAIDO’SGONNADIE #KILLOROCHI!

I Give “Onward to Onigashima” a 3.5/5

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  1. Personally, I was always underwhelmed by the story of Oden Kozuki and I’m glad it’s over. However, I small part thought Law might be the traitor so I was actually happy it was Kanjuro. LOL. Anyway, I’m also excited the war will begin.

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