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Stevonnie Forever?

Steven Universe Future Episodes 13

Steven Universe Future Episode 13-14 Review

Well, if there was any doubt about it before, then these two episodes pretty much confirmed it: Steven’s life has been pretty traumatic. I daresay it, but the only reason he’s kept it together for so long is because of his large support network. The support network that Steven Universe Future has seen move on without Steven. And last night’s episodes had Steven with a possible loss that brings all his trauma to the forefront: Connie and the potential end to Stevonnie!

Together Forever

Connie has been Steven’s best friend for years, and someone who kept him grounded and stable in the worst of times. They’re also one of the cutest couples in modern cartoons. Heck, the Fusion of Stevonnie’s the physical manifestation of how strong their bond is. Despite last episode affirming that they’ll always have each other, “Together Forever” sees Steven’s fears of losing Connie return with a vengeance. She’s going to college far away, and he has no idea what he wants to do beyond staying with her. So he talks to Ruby and Sapphire about it.

Their advice: propose to her! 


Steven Universe Future Episode 13 Together Forever

I cannot lie about this: I love Stevonnie, both the ship and the fusion. And I think that the way that Steven proposed to her was the absolute sweetest thing in the world! But I also knew that what Steven was doing was impulsive, reckless, and doomed to fail. Connie realizes, just as I did watching this, that Steven’s trying to use Stevonnie as an emotional crutch. That’s not healthy and will only end badly for both of them. So, even though she acknowledges that she knows Steven will be a part of her future, Connie defers on the decision, for now.

I don’t know what made me feel worse: the fact that Steven’s sweet but misguided proposal failed, or seeing how Steven starts to fall apart emotionally. 

Growing Pains

Continuing into the next episode of “Growing Pains”, Steven’s moping around the house, letting his emotions fester into Pink Steven without any Gems or his dad to help him. As a result, Steven’s body starts growing and mutating, so Connie takes her to her mom. Dr. Maheswaran is able to confirm what we already suspected: all of the fights and events throughout the show have left Steven with untold amounts of stress and emotional trauma. With Connie turning down his marriage proposal, his body’s reacting the only way it knows how: like his life is in danger!

Future of Stevonnie?

Steven Universe Future Episodes 13

It breaks my heart to see Steven going through all of this when he should finally be happy. And I know that it’s only to get worse before it gets better. Regardless, I don’t think Steven’s many friends will ignore his pleas for help when the time comes, so I’m hopeful. And I don’t think this is the end of Stevonnie, either. Connie never said yes, but she didn’t say no, either. So there’s still hope for Stevonnie yet.

Overall, these may be my two favorite episodes of Steven Universe Future yet, and help drive home the fact that this epilogue is an excellent deconstruction of the child hero and the effects it can have.

I Give “Together Forever” and “Growing Pains” Each a 5/5. The stakes have been raised.

Stray Observations

  • Noticed how everything from Steven’s proposal had something to do with Steven and Connie’s friendship? So Cute
  • I think that someday, Connie will say yes and marry Steven.

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  1. I think what hit me most was when Garnet said “There wasn’t any future in which you DIDN’T propose to Connie.” That means that there were a bunch of timelines where he got rejected WORSE than that! Or maybe they get together in 1.

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