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Counterattack for Our Future

Edens Zero Chapter 85 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 85 Review/Recap

Last week, we saw the absolute lowest in Edens Zero give way to an unexpected hope. As Rebecca despaired over Shiki’s death and the loss of her friends, her Ether Gear suddenly activated! Next thing we know, she’s back on the ship as Shiki’s about to leave for Belial Goer. In my last post, I had hypothesized that Rebecca’s Gear returned her to the past. Now it’s confirmed. The counterattack begins!

Edens Zero Chapter 85 Cover Page


Edens Zero Chapter 85 Counterattack Rebecca in Tears

After realizing she’s back on the ship, Rebecca’s beside herself with tears. She thinks the whole thing was a mere nightmare, but then Sister informs her of something. As it did before, Belial Goer appeared, and Shiki’s recklessly charging onto the ship. Terrified, Rebecca tells them to not. Leave. The ship.

In the conference room, Rebecca tells them of the horrific events she went through, and of Shiki’s murder. Hermit theorizes that Cat Leaper has the ability to send Rebecca back in time. She remembers everything, though, allowing them to avoid this outcome. However, Rebecca realizes that Labilia must still be held captive by Joe. The girl may be a jerk to her, but she wants to rescue her.

However, before they can do anything, Joe’s boarding party arrives just as it did before. Now aware of what’s to come, the Edens Zero begins it’s counterattack.

Edens Zero Chapter 85 Counterattack for our future


Hiro Mashima, you mad genius. You managed to take a no-win scenario and turned it on it’s head, all while maintaining the emotional rollercoaster we experienced intact. In addition, you revealed the true extent of Rebecca’s power in as mind blowing a way as possible, and even hinted about it earlier. That’s good writing.

Edens Zero Chapter 85 Cat Leaper is Explained

That said, I still think that this counterattack is going to be an uphill battle for Edens Zero. They’re outnumbered and have no way of fighting Joe as he is now. Worse, they can’t let him know that Rebecca’s Gear is already awoken, or else it will make things more complicated. In other words, it’s time to fight dirty. They’ll start by exterminating the boarding the ship, then launch a rescue mission. After what we saw the last few weeks, I’m looking forward to seeing this counterattack!

I give “Our Future” A 4.5/5

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    • I agree, as there is a flaw to Cat Leaper. Rebecca will only be aware of events she saw or heard about. She was absent for a lot of things, and while she may remember the Element 4, there’s no guarantee that she knows about the full extent of their powers.

      That said, having been present when they heard how the boarding party took over the ship, she can use that to their advantage. They need to prevent them from using their abilities.

      One of the big rules of war is to not fight a superior opponent in open battle unless you know you can win. They’re gonna have to fight dirty to win.

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