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The Demon Called Anger

One Piece Chapter 973 "Kozuki Family"- Denjiro's New Identity

One Piece Chapter 973 Review/Recap

Due to an illness, Oda was unable to release a new chapter of One Piece last week. Considering how Japan’s fighting the Coronavirus, though, I’m only concerned that he stays healthy and safe. That said, this chapter was worth the wait. It provides us with the final pieces to Oden’s story: why some of the Scabbards got left behind, Inu and Neko’s feud, and the whereabouts of the final Scabbard, hidden by the demon called anger.

One Piece Chapter 973 "Kozuki Family" Opening Page


With Oden dead, the Scabbards flee to Kuri, even as the Beast Pirates set it ablaze. Ashura and Denjiro stay behind to buy time for the others, while Inu and Neko blame each other for Oden’s death and get captured. The remaining warriors make it to Kuri, and while Kawamatsu takes Hiyori to safety, Toki uses her powers to send Momonosuke and the others to the future. Afterwards, Toki flees to Kuri where she gives her prophecy of Orochi’s demise in twenty years time, before dying from her injuries.

Everyone left reacts to the incident differently. Orochi is left terrified and wants proof of the Scabbard’s deaths, while the remaining members go their separate ways. Meanwhile, Denjiro, overcome by the demon called anger, remakes himself into Kyoshiro and returns to the Capital. There, he founds the Kyoshiro Family, gaining power and influence until he becomes Orochi’s bodyguard. By night though works as the Witching Hour Boy, bringing hope to Wano.

One Piece Chapter 973 "Kozuki Family"- Denjiro's New Identity

Then one day, his geisha’s find Hiyori in the Capital. This, Denjiro takes her in, tells her everything, and gives her the also of Komurasaki. However, he tells her not to reveal anything, even to their allies, until the day of the final battle.


One Piece Chapter 973 "Kozuki Family"- Komurasaki's Born
They played the long-term game like pros. Respect!

So, it appears that the fan theories about Denjiro being Kyoshiro and the Witching Hour Boy turned out to be true. That explains why Hiyori didn’t die. Denjiro faked her death so she could go into hiding. In addition, this explains why half of the Scabbards stayed behind, and why Neko and Inu hate each other.

I’ll be honest, when I first read the ending to this chapter, I almost laughed over it. Orocho may have cut the Alliance off from each other on the day of destiny, but he made a huge mistake. Firstly, the best way to hide is in plain sight. Thanks to that demon called anger, Denjiro’s been right under his ugly mug for years. Secondly, he just left Denjiro in charge of the Capital, filled with his loyal Yakuza and Alliance prisoners. To be able to hide the truth even from your friends and allies is something few could do. My hat’s off to you, Denjiro.

If I’m correct, then odds are that the Alliance isn’t in as bad shape as it was made out to be. Better still, Denjiro can free all the prisoners and sic them and the Kyoshiro family on Orochi. Those reinforcements will even the odds a bit. Orochi, Kaido, and Big Mom’s days are numbered.

Overall, if this is the last chapter of the flashback, then I think it ended on a high note. Now it’s time to get back to the present and begin the fight for Wano’s future. Let the war begin!

I give ”The Kozuki Family” a 4.5/5

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  1. The anime opening kind of spoiled it for us. I like the way he changed into Kyoshiro; his face changed out of PURE ANGER. But………anger towards who? Orochi and Kaido, obviously, but……maybe the Scabbards for leaving like that?

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