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Start of the UA School Festival!

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 21 Review/Recap

Well, the day’s finally here. The UA School Festival is about to start, and Deku and Togata are betting on it. It could be the only chance they have to teach Eri what it means to be happy and smile, after all. However, Gentle Criminal and La Brava plan on crashing the Festival and ruin everything. The fight to protect the UA School Festival starts!


On the morning of the UA School Festival, Midoriya wakes up early to get some training in with All Might before getting some last minute supplies. By sheer coincidence, though, he ends up running into Gentle and La Brava as they finish their tea ritual. When the former can’t help but gush about the tea he had, Midoriya connects the dots and figures out who Gentle is and what he plans to do. Which is something he cannot allow.

As Deku rushes to stop the villain from crashing the festival, he’s blown back by Gentle’s Quirk, Elasticity. It allows him to give anything rubber qualities, including the air around him. Were Deku relying on his normal tactics, he wouldn’t have chance. However, that morning, Hatsume gave him a completed version of the support gear he asked for: special gloves that let him use his Quirk to create high pressure air shots. With his new abilities, Deku stands his ground against Gentle. The time until the concert begins: 69 minutes.


I would like to reiterate the fact that nothing this season does will top the Hassakai Arc. Thus, I don’t think the show should try and top it. The UA School Festival Arc is about Midoriya growing as a hero by putting him in a situation where he can’t expect any help. If he wants to stop Gentle from wrecking everyone’s fun, he’s got to do it on his own.

Fortunately, the episode makes a point of demonstrating how Midoriya’s improved. His new gloves allow him to create ranged attacks without One for All’s recoil, while the dance training he did for the concert has helped his coordination and reaction timing. It may not seem like much, but without either of those skills, Deku wouldn’t be able to fight Gentle. I’m still hoping that the next few episodes will make up for the lack of action. Go Beyond, PLUS ULTRA!

I Give “Deku vs. Gentle Criminal” a 3/5

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