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Just Like Old Times

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, episode 3 OntheWingsofKeeradaks

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 3 Review

Star Wars is one of the best franchises of all time for a reason. It combines action, drama, spiritual themes, and cyberpunk for a story like few have ever told. If I could decide when Star Wars is at its best, though, it’s when its doing thing: blowing stuff up in visually spetacular fights. And the latest episode of Star Wars: the Clone Wars not only does that, but hearkens back to early days of the show. In other words, it feels just like old times.

Overwhelming Odds

After managing to get Echo out of the Techno Union base, Anakin, Rex, and the Bad Batch scramble to find a way off-planet. Ironically, it was a scenario like this got almost killed Echo and got him captured. This time, though, Anakin’s not leaving anyone behind. Luckily, Echo has the Techno Union’s entire database in his memory, so he manages to find them an escape route. Then they commandeer the local flying creatures to escape.

Flying giant, winged bats is not only the kind of thing Anakin would do, but that Star Wars would do. As if that’s not cool enough, they get chased by winged battle droids!

Unfortunately, Anakin’s team led the droids back to a village of natives, forcing them to face down overwhelming odds against a superior opponent.

Again, classic Star Wars, like old times.

An Impressive Fight

Keeradaks from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 3

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has always had some impressive fight scenes. However, this episode cements how far the show’s come in twelve years. Seeing the planet’s natives, Anakin, and the Clones work in tandem to defeat the Separatist droids is a visually stunning, though brief, fight. The visuals, use of animation, and action are awesome. A major step above what we first saw back in the pilot movie all those years ago.

Having the heroes fight an overwhelming foe alongside allies with more primitive technology isn’t new, either. Watching the Rebels and Ewoks beat the tar out of the Empire’s “best troops” remains one of my favorite moments in the franchise. Partly because I enjoy seeing arrogant villains get humbled; and because the Stormtroopers lost to what were essentially Muppets.

No PTSD For Echo

The one thing that I have to complain about regarding the episode is how it uses Echo. This is a Clone Trooper that fans have almost since the show started, and who we thought dead for years. Not only is he alive, but he’s been turned into a cyborg with parts and wires sticking out of what’s left of his organic body. That kind of thing would be very traumatic for most people to endure, on top of a near-death experience.

However, Echo doesn’t seem to be suffering from any PTSD or any changes to his personality. As soon as he’s unplugged, he reverts to his normal personality and doesn’t say anything about his experience. That’s a missed opportunity, if you ask me!

Fortunately, Echo has Rex to help sort out everything he’s gone through. Rex even makes it a point to say that things are going to be “just like old times”, a sentiment that Echo seems to agree with. However, I doubt they can go back to the old times after what Echo’s gone through.

Good Times

So, this episode marked a full return to the action that I loved during The Clone Wars original run. It was short, but nice, nonetheless. No, seriously, the episode was only eighteen minutes long, including the end credits. The next episode should be the finale to the “Bad Batch” arc, so I’m hoping it can stick the landing. Even if it doesn’t, this episode did feel a little like old times.

I Give “On the Wings of Keeradaks” a 3/5

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