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The Power of Deus Ex Machina

Edens Zero Chapter 84 Power of Deus Ex Machina

Edens Zero Chapter 84 Review/Recap

The deus ex machina, a 17th-century Latin phrase that translates to ”god from a machine.” It’s a storytellers way to get themselves out of a no-win scenario. This can controversial if it’s not properly written. Why am I bringing this up when the last chapter of Edens Zero ended with Weisz losing an arm and Shiki’s apparent death? Because this is the kind of scenario that requires one of two things. Mashima can either come up with some amazing way for Shiki to come back and rally the gang, or he can use the deus ex machina.


It’s been a week since Shiki’s death, and Rebecca’s almost catatonic from despair. Old Sibir’s dead, the others are either captive or in a scrap heap, and the ship’s under Joe’s control. Rebecca’s despair is so great, she can only feel one thing anymore: fear.

The reason why Joe wants her on his crew is because of Either Gear, Cat Leaper. According to him, it has the power to ”rewrite the laws of the universe.” Thus, he plans to take it for himself when he fully awakens. As Rebecca takes a shower, she cries about wanting to see her friends again, though, Cat Leaper suddenly activates!

The next thing Rebecca knows, she’s falling through a void, with no idea where she’s headed. The next thing she knows, she comes to on Edens Zero. More than a week ago.

Edens Zero Chapter 84 Deja Vu

Like I said, Deus Ex Machina


I read this chapter earlier this morning, and my mind’s still reeling from what happened. However, I will not let that stop me reviewing what happened. And I have a lot to get through.

Firstly, I’d like to reiterate that Mashima only had two ways out of this scenario: come up with a way for Shiki to come back and risk making a convoluted story, or use a Deus Ex Machina. He chose the latter because, no matter how you slice it, there was little room for Edens Zero to get out of this. The Machines are in scrap heap, Weisz is under guard and armless, and I can only assume Joe put Homura to work as either a belly dancer or prostitute. Ergo, deus ex machina.

Edens Zero Chapter 84 Power of Deus Ex Machina
What the heck is happening?

Secondly , I think Mashima planned for Rebecca’s Cat Leaper to have this power. Xiao Mei did say her power could eventually save the universe, and others hinted that Rebecca has the potential to be an Ether Master. In fact, we saw it during her fight with that otaku guy in the Sun Jewel Arc! She rewound time! The story’s already been very flexible with time, so there’s no reason why they can’t do this.

Edens Zero Chapter 84 Cat Leaper

Thirdly, despite Rebecca’s ability to leap back in time seemingly making the last 14 chapters pointless, it doesn’t. As traumatic as this was for Rebecca, it taught her what I already knew: that they can’t win against Drakken Joe as they are now. Thus, Rebecca will know to tell Shiki to get back to the ship and retreat. I don’t like it, either, but they’re not strong enough to win. I know it, Rebecca knows it, and you people know it!

The real problem the manga now faces is Cat Leaper’s rewind ability. If he’s smart, he’ll give it a handicap or limitations. Otherwise, the story will become something where the consequences are meaningless. This could make or break the manga going forward, so I hope we don’t see this deus ex machina abused.

I Give ”A World Without Shiki” a 4.5/5. Great follow up and twist.

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  1. Yeah; he’ll need to put a handicap on that. Either with how far back she can go, or with how many times she can do it in succession. Or only in dire circumstances.
    As far as preparations for battle go(ready or not; they’ll have to face Drakken Joe and his band of mercenaries at SOME point, considering how badly he wants Rebecca’s power); it’s probably too early for a time skip. But Mildian is a thing; “while on this planet, time in the outside world stands still.” They could spend a year of training there and come back with a few new tricks up their sleeves, Hyperbolic Time Chamber/Room of Spirit and Time style. Or is that just a fantasy of mine?
    I say this because Scenario A came out being the WORST possible ending. If they don’t train; Rebecca could give them a winning strategy. Either by telling them about certain events(Laguna’s powers, Weisz getting shot(cause that’s when things started going to sh!t), better planning against Kleene, etc). One things for certain: she CAN’T live through the same event again; I don’t think her heart could take this while ordeal a second9or 3rd or 4th) time.

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