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It’s…Tea Time?

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 20 Big Moments

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 20 Review/Recap

Ever since Midoriya began attending U.A., life seems to have gotten bleaker. First, the League of Villains, then Stain, All for One, Overhaul, and All Might’s retirement. However, despite how dark things are, U.A.’s determined to have their School Festival even as some seek to ruin it. Thus, both sides steel their resolve over a cup of rare tea in this episode.


Having gotten the go-ahead from Principal Nezu for Eri to visit the Festival, Togata brings her to U.A. ahead of time to meet everyone. Eri immediately endears herself to the entire school as they gush over her and look forward to seeing her at the Festival. Meanwhile, Principal Nezu speaks to the authorities, telling them of his plans for the Festival- if the alarm’s sounded, even on a false alarm, the Festival will be cancelled. Thus, Class 1-A steels their resolve over a cup of Gold Tips Imperial tea.

Meanwhile, Gentle Criminal prepares for his and La Brava’sgreatest stunt yet. On the day of the Festival, they’ll have Gold Tips Imperial tea at a nearby cafe. Then, they’ll sneak into U.A. High.


My Hero Academia S4 Episode 20 Gentle's Tea Time Video
Did you see the number of thumbs down on that video? I’ve never gotten that many likes for anything!

In a nutshell, this ”School Festival Arc” has been pretty boring and forgettable. After everything we saw in the Hassakai Arc, though, it would be hard to top that. Nonetheless, I feel this episode sets that stakes for what’s to come and why they’re still important, if on a smaller scale.

This episode has Principal Nezu explain his reasons for having the Festival, regardless of the times they’re in. It’s because I’m times of hardship, it’s all the more important for people to smile and remember that bad things won’t last forever. Since Midoriya hopes the Festival will help zero smile again, it’s all the more important it succeeds. Conversely, Gentle wants to ruin it because it will make people be even more paranoid.

That said, I think Gentle and La Brava are the best part of this arc. They’re like the Joker and Harley Quinn, only the Joker genuinely cares about his Harley. It’s sweet to see, but I still don’t want then to win.

In addition, this episode has seen Midoriya try to branch out into ranged attacks, something that his fighting repertoire has been sorry lacking. He may not be able to do them on his own yet, but maybe Hatsume may be able to help.

That said, why did they name this episode after tea? I get that tea’s important to Gentle, but what does it have to do with the of the episode? It doesn’t really make sense to me. regardless, next episode will hopefully see the start of the fight between Deku and Gentle. Go beyond, PLUS ULTRA!

I Give “Gold Tips Imperial” A 2.5/5

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  1. I kinda missed this arc (when I didn’t read the manga weekly) and I agree that it’s dull. To that point, do you think this season of My Hero Academia is underwhelming?

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