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The Deal With Amity

The Owl House Episode 7 Can Luz and Amity become friends one day?

The Owl House Episode 7 Review

So, apparently DisneyNOW no longer lets me take photos while watching shows. Which means I had to wait an extra day on The Owl House to get material for my cool collages. So I had to wait to stream it. We’re not here to talk about that, though. We are here to talk about Amity Blight.

Amity’s been in a lot of episodes of The Owl House so far. While at first she seemed set to be the jealous rival to Luz, we’ve seen there’s a lot more to her. So, as I do with a lot of characters I like, I’ve started analyzing her personality, and what I’ve found has been interesting. However, this episode ultimately gave me a clearer look at what makes her tick.

A Trip To the Library

With Eda and King babysitting a wealthy demon’s kids, Luz spends the day at the library. While messing around, she comes across Amity as she’s happily reading to a group of kids. Unlike her usual sour disposition though, Amity’s smiling and looks genuinely happy. After seeing how miserable she was the last episode, I thought this was a pleasant surprise.

Then she sees Luz, and her grumpy demeanor returns. In fact, it gets worse when her older twin siblings, Emira and Edric show up and embarrass her. On the other hand, they take a quick shine to Luz, which only makes Amity angrier.

Emira and Edric, Amity's Older Siblings in the Owl House

I’ve seen older kids like Em and Ed in cartoons before. At first, you think they’re cool and want to hang out with them, but then you realize they’re a bad influence. While the cold reception Amity gives her siblings could be mistaken as her being her normal ice queen, I was suspicious. More so when they chose to invite Luz to the library after-hours for something called the “Wailing Star.”

Night at the Library

In a surprising twist, the light of the Wailing Star brings everything inside the books at the library to life. It’s like “Night at the Museum” only cooler! It gives the show’s writers the chance to have some fun and let the trio mess around. Until that is, they discover a secret hideaway Amity has installed inside the Library. It’s at that point that Em and Ed reveal their true colors as bullies. They only wanted to find her diary so they could post the pages around school as payback for ratting on their mean-spirited acts.

Luz ultimately draws the line at this, as despite how mean Amity’s been, she’s still set on being her friend. That’s when she finds her diary, and the Star’s magic brings her entries to life, letting us hear Amity’s inner thoughts. Which is where my psych profile of her comes into play:

  • Due to a combination of her priveleged background and prodigious talents, Amity’s put under an unreasonable amount of pressure. Everyone in her life wants her to be the best, including herself, which is having a negative effect on her personality.
  • Said talent and background has led to her isolating herself from any meaningful relationships and genuine friendships. Instead she’s followed by a gaggle of hens who want to ride her coat-tails to the top. Hence why she’s so hostile to Luz and her attempts to befriend her.
    • The idea of someone trying to be genuinely nice to her is probably alien to her. While she acts hostile to Luz on the surface, her diary reveals that she’s just confused by her behavior.
  • And the final piece: the fact that she’s the only one who knows her older siblings are mean-spirited bullies leads to even further isolation

In other words, Amity’s not bad, just lonely.

A Possible Friendship Beginning?

The Owl House Episode 7 Book Monster

As it turns out, the Blight Twins learned that any alterations they make to the books will change the characters that come out of them. As a result, they turn the harmless little character from Amity’s favorite kid’s book and turn it into a monster that tries to sew Luz and Amity into a book. Fortunately, the two are able to work together to turn the book back to normal, and they wind up having some genuine bonding moments.

So, in the end, Amity has the realization that she needs to work on how she treats others and decides to re-evaluate her “ice queen” behavior. As for Luz, she realizes that she can’t force a friendship to happen between the two and backs off. Both are valuable lessons to learn, if you ask me, and the episode does a good job explaining it.

Plus, the episode does reveal that Luz and Amity have one thing in common: they’re both fans of The Good Witch Azura series. Luz even gives her copy of Azura, one of the few things she brought with her from Earth. That’s a big gesture. In your face, Mrs. Noceda!

At this point, I genuinely hope that Luz and Amity become friends down the road, but I’m content to wait for the time being. As for this episode, it’s now my favorite in the series thus far. Plus

I Give “Lost in Language” a 5/5

Stray Observations

  • The events of “Covention” occurred a week ago. Need to start working on a timeline
  • No King’s Kute Moments this episode. There was a cameo by LMD, though.
The Owl House Episode 7 LMD Cameo

  • I love how creative the writers get with puns in the Library. “Demon Decimal System”. “Encylopsedia”
  • Final Fantasy VII reference in this episode!
  • This was pure genius!
Graphic Novel Come to Life
  • Am I the only one who thinks Amity looks cute when she’s embarrassed?
  • Eda and King made a meta-joke about starting a TV network for kids ages 6-11.
  • This whistle will likely come back up later.
The Owl House Episode 7- Possible Chekov's Gun?
  • I just found out that Amity’s voice actress, Mae Whitman, played Katara in Avatar: the Last Airbender. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!?

Favorite Quotes

  • I’ve been sucked into your awful fandom
  • the book has come to life! Burn it!
  • I am in a library. I will read a book!
  • Oh no, I’ve been caught! Quick, pretend to be a book!

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