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Tearjerker of a Chapter

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Eden’s Zero Chapter 83 Review/Recap

I heard somewhere that the hallmark of a good story is it’s ability to make you feel certain emotions. You laugh when the characters are having fun, you cry when they’re suffering, and you whoop in jubilation at their triumphs. As of today, let there be no doubt that Hiro Mashima’s made a great story with Edens Zero. And this chapter was a tearjerker.

I’m not joking, I almost cried when I read this.


As Xiao Mei remarks on the nature of despair, we see how Weisz has lost his arm to Fie while everyone else laughs in response. The sight leaves the gang in tears, and just to be a jerk, Joe decides to give them even more bad news. Those three cronies that boarded Edens Zero weren’t beaten. They’ve captured the ship and shut down Witch, Sister, and Hermit. No help is coming.

Despite the tearjerker they’re in, Shiki refuses to give in to despair and declares that he will defeat Joe. As a result, Joe makes an exception to his ”no-kill” rule and shoots him right in the head, leaving the others horrified. Xiao Meo then says than Shiki died that day, yet the story continues to a week later.


Do you know the last time a manga chapter had left me on the verge of tears? It was with Naruto, when Madara had managed to defeat both Naruto and Sasuke. It was so bad that it looked like both were at death’s door. Now, this tearjerker of a chapter is leaving me with the same feelings of sorrow. Sorrow, followed by pure rage.

First, I want to applaud Mashima for this chapter. It’s probably the best one of Edens Zero yet and one of his best as a mangaka. I never saw the heroes Fairy Tail fail so utterly! It’s a significant departure from his usual, hopeless situations.

Edens Zero Chapter 83 is Shiki really Gone?

That said, despite what Xiao Mei said, I don’t think Shiki’s dead, at least not for good. Why? Because he didn’t give in to despair, which I believe is what Xiao Mei wanted to see. I don’t know how Mashima will pull this off, but I think that Shiki will come back and save everyone. Whether they’ve been broken, though, is another matter entirely. Most people would be after such a tearjerker. If Mashima pulls this off, I will love this.

I Give ”The Shot Heard Around the Underworld” a 5/5.

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  1. Shiki, I believe, is dead. But not for good. Look at what Rebecca did when she activated Leaper for the first time; she rewound time and dodged Nino’s punch. It’s always possible that she does it again, if only by accident. Or…………Mother could get involved with some “Divine intervention.”
    Either way; I think the whole crew is going to remember this experience for a very long time to go. PTSD? Rebecca, Weisz, and MAYBE Homura(probably Homura). Shiki will take this as a wake up call, and start training to get stronger. Maybe he’ll gain TRUE Overdrive.

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