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The End of Steven Universe Future

Steven Universe Future Final Epiosdes

We all knew that this day was coming, people. After seven years of fun, music, and intense emotional growth, Steven Universe is ending its run on Cartoon Network. I cannot overstate the importance of this show. It’s one of the best cartoons ever made and serves as an icon for the LGBT+ community. I stand by my previous statement about the movie: it should be made into a Broadway Musical. However, if this recent interview with Rebecca Sugar is any indication, we will be seeing more of Steven Universe in the future. It’s the kind of franchise that’s just too good to be left idle.

Enough about that, though! We’re hear to talk about the trailer for the last ten episodes of Steven Universe Future.

Steven’s Anger Issues Worsen

When we last left Steven Universe, his emotional state was becoming progressively worse. Now that everyone else seems to have grown and no longer needs his help, he’s lost and confused. Combine that with his lingering issues regarding his mother, and he’s an emotional wreck. As we see in this trailer, he’s starting to further retreat from his loved ones, which is only making things worse!

So far, Steven Universe Future has been what happens when a hero who’s focused on saving others for so long, he doesn’t know what else to do. My guess, is that he’s going to learn what may be his hardest lesson of all: how to accept help from others.

A Brighter Future

Steven Universe Future Final Epiosdes

Despite how bad things may seem, I am confident that Steven will be able to overcome them. In a way, he’s actually the last person on the show that needs help, and the one who needs it the most. For all the growing we’ve seen him do, he’s still dealing with the legacy of his mom and trying to figure out his place in the world. When this show started, Steven was just a boy, and here he is on the verge of adulthood. The end of the show will not be the end of Steven Universe.

As for me, I’m only sorry I didn’t start the show at the beginning like so many others did. I missed out on a heck of ride, but I’m glad I got to see the tail end. And I plan on reviewing it to the end!

A Little Surprise

I got a little surprise in the pipeline for Steven Universe, by the way. Expect it by the time the next episode of Steven Universe Future comes out.

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  1. Didn’t watch the trailer. Didn’t read this post either (fear of spoilers). I want to go in cold, but just wanted to say I’m looking forward to the last episodes.

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