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Monster House, now With Chicken Legs

The Owl House Episode 6 "Hooty's Moving Hassle" Big Moments

The Owl House Episode 6 Review

After taking a break last week for Valentine’s Day, The Owl House is back and ready for more supernatural hi-jinks. So far, the show’s done a great job of establishing its lore and character backstories: the Emperor’s Coven, Eda’s curse, and the show’s take on magic. However, I think that is the episode that begins to really connect everything together. And it does all that while making me think of the film Monster House.

Weirdest Sleepover Since the Truth Box Incident

After being the focus of episode 4 and touched upon in the last episode, Eda’s curse becomes a plot point once more. It was hinted that it would become a recurring problem, but this episode has it happening sooner than we thought. Out of elixir, Eda and King head out one night to get more. Unfortunately, Luz gets talked by Willow and Gus into having a sleepover where they use the power of the moon to animate something. Instead of animating an action figure, though, they do something cooler. They give the Owl House legs and the ability to move around!

Luz, Willow, and Gus bring the Owl House to life
It’s just like Monster House, only with chicken legs!

This was an absolutely amazing thing to look at. Mostly because the background art during the whole experience was pure eye-candy. So, despite Luz’s better judgement, Gus and Willow talk her into taking their monster house for a joyride. Mainly because Amity’s throwing her own sleepover with her yes-girls and they want to rub it in since they weren’t invited. And despite what I said last episode, Amity’s showing no signs of stopping her bullying of Luz. #humanscanbiteit. Harsh, but we shouldn’t judge Amity so soon.

Broken Friendships

Monster Hunters (Not the Game)

The events of “Covention” implied that, due to her natural talent and the praise she gets, Amity’s very insecure about her self-worth. This episode pretty much confirms that, as we learn that she and Willow were once friends. Once she got her magic, though, and Willow didn’t, Amity let people’s praise and adulation go to her head. As a result, she became what we know her as today. She’s successful and popular, but she knows that people only like her for her talent.

Meanwhile, Willow still seems to be upset over how her friendship with Amity ended up, hence her low self-esteem and desire to one up her. That ends up putting everyone in danger when the Owl House gets captured by monster hunters. Fortunately, the gang works together to escape and get their Monster House back home. The whole experience makes Willow realize she doesn’t need to prove anything to Amity.

Meanwhile, Eda learns her own lesson about not letting her obsessions over something get in the way of what’s important. She finds the elixir, but the seller won’t give it to her, so she challenges him to a game of “Hexas Hold’em”. She loses, and King gets taken from her. Fortunately, she realizes the error of her ways, and the two get away with the potion thanks to the Owl House passing by. It’s a fun experience, overall.


On the one hand, Eda’s mad they took the Owl House for a joyride, so she makes them clean up the living room. On the other hand, she’s beyond impressed at the fact that they were able to animate the entire house. That kind of thing should have been well beyond the talent of people their age. For emphasis, we see that Amity’s posse couldn’t bring a doll to life in their own conjuring.

The way the episode frames it, it seems to be implying that Luz was responsible for how things turned out. As a result, we get the impression that, despite not being able to naturally perform magic, Luz may be more powerful than anyone knows.

The Owl House on the move

What could this potentially mean for the show in the long-term? Could there be a reason by Luz’s hidden talent for magic? How could something like that affect the Boiling Isles. It’s too early to tell, but people are already taking notice. The last scene of the episode shows that Luz, Willow and Gus’ escapades were the talk of Bonesborough. I’m betting that Amity will either gain more respect for Luz, or just go crazy with jealousy. Either way, Luz is going to start shaking things up soon, and I can’t wait.

I Give “Hooty’s Moving Hassle” a 3.9/5

Stray Observations

  • I looked it up, and the moving house thing’s a reference to the house used by Baba Yaga, the witch of Eastern European myths
  • The title’s a reference to the anime film “Howl’s Moving Castle”. I love how anime is now mainstream
  • The Boiling Isles has social media, like Penstagram.
  • Another cameo by the Eye Monster and LMD.

King’s Kute Moments

King's Kute Moments in The Owl House 1

Favorite Quotes:

  • To Be Added

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