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Gentle Criminal Forms a Plan

My Hero Academia S4 Episode 19 Title Card Big Moments

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 19 Review/Recap

A school for heroes is still a school, and in Japan, schools have festivals. With the U.A. Festival in a month, Class 1-A decides to put on a concert to make up for all the trouble they’ve brought. However, a small-time villain by the name of Gentle Criminal’s trying to attract attention for himself, and U.A. is a tempting target.


My Hero Academia S4 Episode 19 Title Card Big Moments

Having decided on a concert, Jiro leads the efforts to organize the class and figure out who’s going to do what. Slowly but surely, everyone’s talents begin to show. Bakugo earns himself the position of drummer for his mad skills. Yaoyorozu will play the keys. Kaminari and Tokoyami are on guitar. As for lead singer, Jiro shows everyone that she has the voice of an angel.

Meanwhile, Gentle Criminal and La Brava become frustrated at the lack of attention that their videos are getting. As a result, Gentle decides that in this day and age, people only care about big spectacles. And no spectacle would be as big as one that involves the school everyone’s talking about: U.A. High.


To be perfectly honest, this episode was pretty boring. Just more of the slice of life stuff that we’ve seen for the last few episodes. I knew that it was going to be hard to top the Hassakai Arc, but the manga source material is not making it easy. However, there’s still a reason why this arc remains important: Eri.

As the last episode showed us, even though Overhaul can’t hurt her anymore, she still has a grip on her mind. She can’t even remember how to smile. This school festival is the best chance that Midoriya and Togata have to set her free. Especially now that she’s able to come to U.A.

Eri finally arrives at U.A. My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 19
Her dress is so cute

I hate seeing a little girl like Eri so scared; we all do. Yet Gentle Criminal is planning to crash the festival which will ruin everything. In other words, we’re bound to get more action, and soon. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait. Go beyond, PLUS ULTRA!

I Give “Prepping for School Festival is the Funnest Part” a 3/5. Needs more Shonen Stuff

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 19

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