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DayFebruary 22, 2020

Steven Universe Future Final Epiosdes

The End of Steven Universe Future

Well, folks, we’re almost at the end of this long, musical road that is Steven Universe. With the final ten episodes of Steven Universe Future coming out in March, I wanted to look at the new trailer and give my thoughts on what may happen.

Made by Tassji S, Comet and Marcia's Wedding

Tassji S, U R Awesome

Hey, everyone, J here to try something new. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten invested in the fan art community on Tumblr and Instagram. I’ve even started paying commission’s for artwork done by several artists. So to build off of what I did for KPRS4EVER a while back, I decided to make an entire series acknowledging all the great people I know in fandom communities. For today’s post, I wanted to give a big thank you to a talented artist by the name of Tassji S.

The Owl House Episode 6 "Hooty's Moving Hassle" Big Moments

Monster House, now With Chicken Legs

After taking a break last week for Valentine’s Day, The Owl House is back and ready for more supernatural hi-jinks. So far, the show’s done a great job of establishing its lore and character backstories: the Emperor’s Coven, Eda’s curse, and the show’s take on magic. However, I think that is the episode that begins to really connect everything together. And it does all that while making me think of the film Monster House.

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