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React To Your Own Future

Ever since Star vs The Forces of Evil ended, I’ve been reading a lot of fanfics about the show. Some have dealt with alternate versions of the cast,. Others have picked up where the show left off. However, there’s one fanfic whose concept has stood out among the others. That concept being “what if Star and the others were to see their future? How would they react?” This fanfic is essentially a reaction story in text form, all for averting the end in the show.

Averting the End

Author: LockandKey989

Type of Fan Fic: AU/What If

First Published: August 26, 2019

Status: Ongoing


In a universe that’s 99% identical to that of the show, Omnitraxus learns what happens during the events of the show. More specifically, he learns of the destruction of magic and the role that Star, Marco, and everyone else plays in it. As a result, he tells his world’s versions of the Magic High Commission, and they all agree they need to keep this from happening to their timeline.

So in order to learn how these events came about, they grab most of the show’s cast and drag them back to Hekapoo’s dimension. Using magic, everyone then watches the events of the show unfold in order to avert the end of magic. That, and they basically react to what happens.


This fan fic is, as I said, a reaction story that sees the majority of the Star vs. cast watch the events of the show unfold. In order to stave off copyrights, though, the author doesn’t include the whole transcripts to the episodes. Instead, LockandKey inserts the most important lines and scenes into the writings, and then shows the cast react or comment to them. It’s a simple concept, but one that’s brilliantly executed and enjoyable for a number of reasons.

#1- We see the cast grow alongside their canon counterparts

By getting to see and reflect on the actions of their canon counterparts, LockandKey’s version of the cast learns a lot of about themselves and each other. As a result, they grow and learn as much as they did in the show, perhaps moreso since they’re able to judge their development without the hassle.

The best part about watching their alternate future selves, though, is getting to see the effects of their actions and learn from them sooner than they did in the show. That, or other people call them out on their mistakes. For example, Star realizes she should be more responsible with her magic. Moon gets a wake-up call on how strict she can be with Star and how she should listen to her more (especially when it came to St. O’s). As for the Magic High Commission, they face the fallout when their secrets get exposed and make them question their past decisions. It’s very cathartic to watch.

#2- Queens of Mewni Past React

It’s not just the living cast members of Star vs. The Forces of Evil that gets to react to the show. By the time the story reaches Season Two, it’s revealed that Glossaryck had taken steps to counter the MHC’s spoiling the future. He informed the spirits of all the past users of the Butterfly Wand of what was happening and gave them the ability to watch it themselves. As a result, the story shows both the living and deceased reacting to the events and revelations of the show.

Besides Eclipsa and Solaria, we never got to see the past Queens of Mewni in the show’s run. What LockandKey gives us is an opportunity to see how Star and Eclipsa’s ancestor’s react to the show’s events. I thought it was fun to see the opinions they each formed on Star and everyone else, but it was Solaria I was most interested in. What she sees makes her realize that she made a lot of mistakes in life; i.e. creating Mina, not listening to her daughter. It’s cathartic to see her knocked down several pegs.

By the way, most of the Queens end up being Starco shippers 😉

#3- React with the Cast

Once you get past the fact that Star and the others get to see what could have been, Averting the End is a fun trip down memory lane. Fans of the show get to enjoy being able to experience Star vs. The Forces of Evil all over again. Only this time, it’s like they can do it with all the characters they love watching alongside them. This leads to some very great moments where cast members react much like fans of the show would. Here are just a few of my favorite moments:

  • Everyone’s reactions to the horror’s of St. Olga’s, especially from Moon. The whole episode makes her go “oh my god, I was going to send Star there. I’m a horrible mother!”
    • I agreed with Janna and Ponyhead: burn St. O’s to the ground!
  • Almost everyone calling the Magic High Commission out on their treatment of Monsters. Even the adults from Earth do so.
  • How everyone responds to seeing Toffee’s plans almost succeed… and the absolute joy when they see Star waste him.
  • The rage everyone feels to the MHC when the truth about Meteora comes out.
  • The fight against Meteora. Read it.
  • The sight of adult Marco. Every girl his age goes gaga over them, and so do several of the Queens. One starts purring, another’s face turns beet red, and another tries drawing adult Marco with emphasis on the abs.
    • Okay, honestly, that’s my favorite moment.

A Fun Trip Down Memory Lane

Overall, I think that LockandKey does a great job of portraying the show’s cast as though this were actually them viewing their future selves. It’s a fun and retrospective look back on the show and all its best (and worst) moments. As for the story itself, seeing the future seems to have spurred the main characters to not repeat the same mistakes. With the story about to head into the fourth and final season, though, time will tell if LockandKey lets these lessons stick. Here’s hoping the MHC actually owns up to the fact that they’ve been boneheads!

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