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Rock. Bottom.

Edens Zero Chapter 82 Cover

Edens Zero Chapter 82 Review/Recap

There comes a point in many stories or arcs where the hero hits rock bottom. Where things are at their absolute bleakest. As of this chapter, I think I can say that Edens Zero has become the rock. Rock, meet bottom.

Edens Zero Chapter 82 Cover


Try as he might, Shiki finds himself completely outclassed by Drakken Joe. He can’t even land a single punch of the man. Joe, on the other hand, uses his Alchemy Ether Gear to turn Shiki into stone. The crew of Edens Zero has been utterly crushed; they’ve hit rock bottom

Edens Zero Chapter 82 Edens Zero Utterly Beaten

Upon awaking, the crew finds itself face to face with Drakken Joe and his army. The medicine for Weisz is destroyed, and Joe makes it clear he intends to put them through hell to pay off the trouble they’ve caused. However, in order to first let them know who’s in charge, he orders one of Weisz’s arms to be cut off. The others can only look on in muted horror at what’s about to happen.


Firstly, I would like to go on record and remind everyone that I said them taking the fight to Joe so soon was a bad idea. However, I get no satisfaction from seeing the crew hit rock bottom like this. On top of everything, Joe claims he traded Happy and Pino to a junk dealer in Belial, so they can’t be of any help right now. As of now, the winning streak of Edens Zero has been ended.

As grim as this chapter was, I think it’s one of the best ones the manga’s had so far this year. The crew’s dealing with their first big loss, they’re trapped in a scenario where they may face weeks of torment, and Weisz may have just lost an arm. In my eyes, I’d say Mashima did a good job of hammering home how bad things are for the heroes. Having the whole thing end on a cliffhanger just makes me want to see what happens next even more!

Satan Gravity Edens Zero Chapter 82

In addition, this chapter did reveal a few vague things about Shiki. His Ether Gear is known as Satan Gravity, appropriate for the Demon King. Joe also mentions something about it being key to unlocking the “cat’s powers”. I have no clue what that means.

So, unless Edens Zero pulls off a crazy miracle in the next chapter or two, Shiki and the others may spend the next few weeks in captivity before escaping. Either way, they need to get way stronger to take down Joe. He’s gonna regret not killing them. When you hit rock bottom, only way out is up

I Give “Scolding” a 4.8/5. Good Chapter that raises the stakes

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  1. Not that this would “ruin” the chapter or takes away from the impact, but I think there MIGHT be a Silver Lining to Weisz losing an arm. With robot arm; he’d always have a weapon with him. Or it could end up being part of his armor and he’s able to come up with close range attacks. Or something like that. I do think Weisz lost his arm, and I believe that if it isn’t reattached right away; Sister won’t be able to fix it.

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