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Being Boiled Alive is a Gruesome Death

One Piece Chapter 971 Cover Page

One Piece, Chapter 971 Review/Recap

At twelve chapters and still going, this flashback to the life of Oden Kozuki may be one of the longest in One Piece history. It’s been fun getting to see what Oden was like, his adventures with the Roger Pirates, and how Orochi came to power. However, it would seem that Oda’s getting ready to end this story and bring us back to the present day. In the manga’s defense, though, Oden’s set to go out in a very heroic manner. All while being boiled alive, no less.

One Piece Chapter 971 Cover Page


Oden Kozuki Boiled Alive Chapter 971

Following their failed rebellion against Orochi and Kaido, Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards are sentenced to death. Rather than a quick beheading, they will die by being boiled alive in oil. Oden, however, refuses to die and strikes a bargain with Kaido. If he and the others can last an hour in the oil, they can go free. Not only does Oden withstand the heat, but he also carries the Scabbards atop a plank the whole time.

Oden protects the Nine Red Scabbards Chapter 971

As the minutes pass, the spectators grow bored and begin to ungratefully speak about how they’ll be rid of the “Idiot Lord”. Shinobu then proceeds to blow her cover in the crowd to berate the people of Wano and let them know how indebted they are to Oden. Five years ago, Orochi reveals that he always intended to destroy Wano for hunting his family down; he had even sent its people to be used as Kaido’s playthings. Every time Oden made a fool of himself, he saved all those lives. Oden had been carrying the burden of Wano all on his shoulders.


What little sympathy I had for Orochi’s freudian excuse is gone. I understand wanting revenge for the way people treated you for something he didn’t actually do. But, to destroy the whole country over this? I don’t even know the words to describe how petty and vindictive this is.

Anger aside, I knew that Oden was being blackmailed by Orochi and Kaido. Otherwise, he would have killed both right away. So hearing what Shinobu said is no surprise. What is surprising is how the chapter establishes how the Scabbards will survive. Rather than escaping being boiled alive, Oden seems set to sacrifice himself to save his retainers. Either way, I think this flashback will end by the start of March. After that, I’m looking forward to seeing Orochi and Kaido get what they deserve!

Oden Shoulders the Burden of Wano Chapter 971

I Give “Condemened to Boil” a 4/5

By the way, I was very disturbed by the sight of Oden and that other schmuck being burned by the oil.

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  1. Did you get the reference to Greek mythology? The story of Atlas?
    I don’t know if you keep up with “Edens Zero” spoilers, so all I’ll say is this: THAT CHAPTER WILL BE VERY DARK. And this chapter was very disturbing. Is this a sign that manga today will start to become more violent?

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