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Edens Zero Backed Into A Corner

Edens Zero Chapter 81 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 81 Review/Recap

Well, if they weren’t before, then they certainly are now. The crew of Edens Zero has been backed into a corner.


Edens Zero Chapter 81 Rebecca turned into water

So, Daichi proceeds to give into his torture fetish and uses his Ether Gear to make this tree painfully sprout from inside Rebecca. As a result, she cries in pain until Laguna shows up and turns her into water to stop her suffering. He then proceeds to chatsise Daichi for harming Rebecca. Meanwhile, Homura finds herself cornered by Sylph, who proceeds to capture her and the medicine for Weisz. At Sibir’s hideout, Fie arrives to capture Weisz and appears to shoot Sibir.

Meanwhile, Shiki’s battered and bruised from his fight with Jinn, yet he won’t give in. Right when he appears to have activated his own Overdrive, Drakken Joe himself shows up and ends their battle. Then, just to show how far above the two of them he is, he shows them a true Overdrive. By pushing one’s past its critical point, a person can change the ether in their body. As a result, Joe can convert his body into all sorts of elements! When Shiki demands to know where Rebecca is, Joe sadistically declares that she belongs to him.

Well…. they’re all screwed.


Like I said before, Edens Zero has been backed into a corner. After all this time of dominating their opponents, the heroes seemed to have been beaten by the power of Joe and his Element 4. Even Laguna, whom Weisz beat earlier, is back up and running! Worse still, the whole team’s separated and injured.

This chapter was meant to drive the point home: Edens Zero can’t win against Drakken Joe in their current state. Unless they can get stronger, they won’t have a chance; though they may not even have a chance to do that! Despite how dire things may be, though, I’m not counting the heroes out yet. We never see Fie kill Sibir; that gunshot could have been Weisz somehow pulling an ace up his sleeve. The team may be backed into a corner, but all it needs is one member to slip away to help them win.

This chapter was a major improvement over what we got last time, as it raised the stakes to new levels. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next week.

I Give “Intercession” a 3.8/5

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  1. I really enjoyed this chapter, especially the bate-and-switch reveal of Shiki’s “Overdrive.” It was such a cool moment; Mashima made that seem like the Full Ether gear thing was Overdrive, and then pulled the rug out from under us!
    Drakken’s Overdrive looks so cool. But the fact that it affects his physical appearance makes me wonder what will happen WHEN Shiki and Jinn get the real Overdrive. Yes; I do believe that Jinn will survive the arc. Join Shiki’s crew? NO. But he might follow them for a little bit. Like; he might follow their movements and activities and such, if that makes any sense. I really want Jinn to stick around.
    Sibir………he MIGHT be dead, or he might not be. You never know with these kinds of things. Also; did you hear Mashima teasing a big announcement for the future? I HOPE it’s an EZ anime, but it could be a number of things. “Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest” anime, “Fairy Tail: Next Generation,” “Hero’s” OVA or movie, “Rave Master” anime revival, or some other thing completely different. The man’s created 3 series, the 2nd one being his favorite and most popular by far. It could be LITERALLY ANYTHING!

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