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What Kind of Chapter Name is This?

Edens Zero Chapter 77 Review/Recap

Normally I have some sort of introduction for these manga chapter reviews. Today, however, I have nothing. The reason why I have nothing is because I’m stumped at the name of the latest chapter of Edens Zero: “60-Day Commemorative Coin”. What kind of title is that, Mashima?

Lame title aside, the Edens Zero team’s still in a huge bind with the Element 4.


Edens Zero Chapter 77 Homura Swimsuit

Having been stripped down to her panties by Sylph’s wind gear, Homura chooses to make a break for it under the cover of smoke. She stumbles into the first building she sees, where she changes into some swimwear she finds. As a result, though, she’s mistaken for an employee of a pole dancer’s club.

A club that’s then ambushed by Sylph, who sucks up everyone in her wind so she can fight Homura unimpeded.

Meanwhile, Rebecca finds herself being faced down by Daichi of the Element 4, who’s also really into torture. He even shows off the coin he got from his group therapy for torture addicts.

Edens Zero Chapter 77 Commemorative Coin

When Rebecca tries to stop him from hurting Labilia, though, he sets his sights on her. Using his ether gear to make branches grow out of her arms, he binds her to the wall.

Edens Zero Chapter 77 Rebecca in a Bind

Meanwhile, Shiki still can’t lay a hand on Jinn, putting him in a desperate bind.


Edens Zero Chapter 77 Sylph's Wind Power

Well, aside from this excellent panel showing the extent of Sylph’s powers, I’d say that this was one of my least favorite chapters of Edens Zero. It added little to nothing to the plot, it answered nothing about what “No. 29” is, and fell back on Mashima’s love of fan service. He uses fan service too much for his own good, and it gets to the point where I think it detracts from the story.

So, the takeaway from this chapter is that Rebecca’s somehow super important, and that her guild master Noah seems to know more about her. However, it’s anyone’s guess what the next chapter will be about. With Rebecca, Homura, and Shiki all in dire straits, Mashima could focus on any one of them.

I Give “60-Day Commemorative Coin” a 2/5. Bonus Point for another Fairy Tail cameo

Edens Zero Chapter 77 Fairy Tail Cameo
The bald guy’s from a dark guild in Fairy Tail and he’s a big torture addict

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  1. In the end, Weisz got his wish: Homura in a dancer outfit! And yeah; does not add anything. Just kind of shows more of how dangerous the Element 4 is. We still don’t even know what Fie is up to. Or if Laguna is completely out of commission.

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