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Winning the Hearts and Minds

My Hero Academia, Season 4, Episode 16 Review/Recap

As sad as it may be, Shonen anime can’t be all about over-the-top action and flashy moves. Every now and then, they’ve got to deal with the quieter moments. In this case, we see Bakugo, Shoto, and some students from Shiketsu High take their remedial classes for their provisional liscences. Their first lesson: winning the hearts and minds of the people.


As remedial classes begin, the Pro Heroes in charge pull aside four students: Shoto, Bakugo, and Inasa and Camie from Shiketsu. While they’re strong enough to be heroes, they lack the inviting aura a hero needs. So to teach them, they’ve got a special lesson: they have to win over a group of elementary school kids. The problem is, these kids refuse to respect any authority figures, at all.

Each of the four tries on their own to get through to the kids. Bakugo tries yelling at them; no go. Shoto tries talking things out with them or something, but gets made fun of. The kids trick Inasa into berating himself for not living up to his own standards. As for Camie, let’s just say the girls don’t trust her.

Meanwhile, everything’s being watched by All Might and Endeavor. During this time, Endeavor asks the former hero what it means to be the Symbol of Peace, to which All Might replies he’s not exactly sure himself.

As for the quartet, they decide there’s only way to get through to the kids: show off their powers. Thus, both sides get ready for a fight.


I’ll be honest with you guys: I lost focus about halfway through the episode. As funny as My Hero Academia can be, this episode didn’t click for me. I’ve seen “teens look after troublesome kids” scenario several times in cartoons and anime before. Frankly, this episode didn’t bring anything new to that. However, it may also be because I could be a troublemaker in elementary school, as well. I lost count how many times I got sent to the Principal’s for talking out in class!

What was more interesting was the conversation between All Might and Endeavor. Endeavor’s made his jealousy of All Might no secret in the past, and the fact that the latter isn’t bothered by it irks him even more. Seeing him swallow and pride and genuinely ask his colleague for help shows a tiny amount of character development.

In addition, Endeavor’s right: the trust the people have in heroes is slowly being lost since All Might retired. Now they have win the hearts and minds of the people all over again, and no one did that better than All Might. That said, I think All Might’s advice is sound. If Endeavor wants to win hearts and minds, he has to decide what it means to be the Symbol of Peace. Just like how our hapless quartet has to win the hearts and minds of those kids.

Hopefully, the next episode will be more entertaining. I hate how some things have to be solved with violence, but if Naruto taught me anything, it’s that sometimes, the best way to get through to people is through one’s actions. In this case, a Quirk fight. Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “Win those Kid’s Hearts” a 3/5.

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