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An Intruder Gave Me Noh-Face Flashbacks

The Owl House Episode 4 "The Intruder" Title

The Owl House Episode 4 Review

When I read the synopsis to this episode, “The Intruder”, I thought that I wasn’t going to like it. Fortunately, I was wrong: this was the best episode of The Owl House yet. Not only was this episode filled with great lines and jokes, but we got some plot development. Luz takes a big step in her witch training, and we get a potentially big mystery to solve; the kind of stuff that these shows thrive on!

Rainy Day Schedule

As it turns out, not even the weather on the Boiling Isles is safe; the rain is boiling hot and melts everything it touches! With Eda keeping everyone inside the Owl House for the night, Luz sees it as her chance to finally learn some magic from Eda. However, putting up a magic barrier took a lot out of Eda, so she soon falls asleep, much to Luz’s frustration.

On the other hand, King’s been trying to teach Luz all about demons. I quickly figured out that it’s just an excuse to spend time with one of the few people who likes him for who he is. Under his snarky exterior, he’s a lonely little guy. In desperation, King takes an elixir from Eda and gives it to Luz, thinking it will give her magic. At that moment, though, an intruder breaks into the house!

The intruder goes after Luz and King

Like A PG Horror Film

From here on out, The Owl House plants itself firmly in the horror end of the spectrum. Luz and King’s search for the intruder has all the hallmarks of a horror film. The lack of light, the broken window and doors torn off by the hinges, and the snarled sounds of the intruder give off a genuinely creepy vibe. To top it off, the way the creature moves is creepy as they come. It’s like the writers fused Noh-Face from Spirited Away, the Summerween Trickster from Gravity Falls, and Hungry Larry from that Star vs. Halloween episode. That last one still freaks me out; so scary.

It turns out, though, that the creature’s Eda, though I can’t say I didn’t see the twist coming. I knew something was up when I saw the tag on her elixir said “an elixir a day”. What happens next, though, ends up being even more amazing!

Luz's first use of magic.
she’s on her way to becoming a witch.

Luz figures out how to use magic. Those circles that Eda draws to use magic have patterns inside of them. Luz figures out how to draw a light spell and uses them to stun Eda long enough to turn her back to normal!

More importantly, though: LUZ CAN DO MAGIC NOW! This is a huge step forward in regards to the show, as it opens up the gateway for Luz to learn all sorts of things. If all she has to do to use magic is create patterns in circles a la Fullmetal Alchemist, then who knows what she be capable of.

Owl Lady Mystery

A potential mystery for the future?

Aside from letting Luz dip her toes into the pool of magic for the first time, this episode opens up a potentially big mystery about Eda. Once the intruder ordeal’s over, Eda reveals that she was cursed when she was younger. As a result, if she doesn’t take that elixir, she turns into that were-demon. Hence why people call “the Owl Lady”.

My mind’s already racing with dozens of ideas about where this could take us, and just as many questions. Who was it that cursed Eda and why? Why is it that she can’t remember anything about it? It may not be as big as learning about who wrote the journals in Gravity Falls, but it’s still a big mystery to solve. If Dana Terrace and her crew play their cards right, they could make this into a huge story arc to carry the show.

Biggest moments from the Intruder

By a wide margin, “The Intruder” is the best episode of The Owl House. Alex Hirsch and Wendie Malick’s lines are spot on and hilarious, we got some actual character development, and two major events occurred that will play a role in the plot moving forward. This is the kind of stuff that I want to see more from this show; the A-material! The Roundtable’s going to have a field day with the theories from this episode, and so will I.

I Give “The Intruder” a 4.8/5.

Stray Observations

  • We get a cameo from Willow right after the intro rolls.
  • That little conspiracy demon from the prison makes a return. Guess she was able to get out in the end.
  • So Giraffes really are demons, huh? Look!
  • Is someone going to make Luz’s cat hoodie? They’ll make a fortune selling it to fans
  • So Eda actually sleeps in a nest like a bird.
  • So what other ways are there to do magic. Besides having a sac of bile attached to the heart.

Favorite Quotes

  • “And here we the most fearsome creature in the world, the king of demons. Facing his natural enemy, the ducky sock.”
King faces the ducky sock
  • “Our only weaknesses are purified water and passive-aggressive comments, sometimes.”
  • “Even demons have inner demons.”
  • “Now we’re boo-boo buddies”
  • “Painbows. It’s like a rainbow, but looking at it turns you inside out!”
  • “Magical, sassy, surprisingly foxy for her ages”
  • “It sparkles and shimmers and shines and delights. I must have it for my nest!”
  • “I respect your cunning, but I also hate you for it.”

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