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Edens Zeros In a Tough Spot

Edens Zero Chapter 79 Review/Recap

Well, if it wasn’t clear before, I think it’s clear now. The crew of Edens Zero is facing their toughest battle yet. Personally, I think it’s about time that this happened! Rebecca’s held captive by Joe, Homura has Sylph chasing her down, and Weisz hangs by a thread. To top it all off, Jinn’s kicking Shiki’s butt! In addition, we don’t learn anything about why Joe wants Rebecca so badly.


Rebecca has no idea what Drakken Joe’s talking about with No. 29, but it doesn’t matter. Joe reveals his Ether Gear, Alchemist, which allows him to modify any form of matter. He then promptly locks Rebecca and Happy along with Labilia. To make matters worse, she’s guarded by Daichi, the earth member of the Element 4.

Meanwhile, Shiki finds himself fighting a losing battle against Jinn. He can’t even touch him with Jinn’s wind shielding him. As for Homura, she’s intercepted by Sylph. Her wind gear allows her to use the wind to steal others belongings. As a result, she steals Homura’s swords, and her clothes, as well.

Well, at least Mashima’s consistent with the fan service.


At this point, I’ve become all but indifferent to the fan service in Hiro Mashima’s work. He uses it so much that I don’t really bat an eyelash at it anymore. What I’m more concerned with is how the main team of Edens Zero has its back against the wall. That’s perfect!

It’s standard Shonen logic at work, people. By pushing the heroes until their backs are to the wall, then they will have one of two choices. They’ll either lose, or they’ll break through the wall and grow even stronger as a result. In other words, the heroes of Edens Zero will become strong enough to defeat Drakken Joe.

I think this chapter can be appropriately labeled as a transition chapter, meant to set us up to something bigger. What I hated about this chapter was the fact that we learned nothing about this ‘No. 29’ thing! I hate being left in the dark about stuff like this. The silver lining is that next week will lead to even cooler fights as Shiki, Homura, and Rebecca fight Joe’s elites.

I Give “That Which Obstructs and That Which Steals” a 2.5/5

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  1. I’m liking the struggle, especially the bate and switch element. I had thought the order of the fights and the character battles we saw would be different. But this is fine(actually; it might even be better).
    I hope we see Fie again at some point; I really like his design. If I had to guess; I’d say he’s going to come for Weisz. What Sibir does about that is up in the air, though.

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