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Oden the Fool

One Piece Chapter 969 Cover: Oden the Fool

One Piece Chapter 969 Review/Recap

I’m now ready for this flashback to be over. However, it would seem that Oda still has some more backstory to explain regarding Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards. Thus, we get to see how Oden went from being the one everyone hoped would save Wano into Oden the Fool.


Oden’s attempt to kill the traitorous Orochi fails due to his retainers Devil Fruit Powers. Now safe, Orochi then arrogantly reveals how he managed to trick everyone in Wano into becoming Shogun and gain Kaido’s backing. What’s said next is unknown, but everyone in Wano saw the effect. Instead of setting them all three, Oden began to dance in the streets of the Flower Capital in his loin cloth every week. Soon, people began to lose faith in him and called him “Oden the Fool”.

Oden the Dancing Fool

Five years passed, and things in Wano got even worse while Oden learned of Roger’s death. When Orochi demanded that Oden build him new factories in Kuri, though, he made the mistake of telling him of Hyogoro’s fate. Since the leader of the Yakuza wouldn’t bow to him, Kaido imprisoned him, killed his men, and killed his wife. Finally at the end of his rope, Oden decides to do what he should have done and kill Kaido. With the Nine Red Scabbards in tow, the group heads to the Flower Capital in revolt.

One Piece Chapter 969: The Nine Red Scabbards Revolt


I don’t know what it was that Orochi said to Oden to make him dance in the streets like a fool. My guess is that he made a deal of some kind with him, and then backed on it later. Orochi only did it to make Wano lose faith in Oden, and it worked. Oden became Oden the Fool, and now he’s going to the fight that will end in his death.

Personally, I think this chapter was unnecessary as a whole, because we already knew how it would end for Oden once he returned to Wano. The only thing it did was show how Oden lost all of Wano’s respect by the present day. At this point, I just want to move on to the present day so we can see the Alliance go to war.

I Give “Oden the Fool” a 2/5. Get on with it, already.

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