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My Hero…Slice of Life?

My Hero Academia, Smoldering Flames

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 15 Review/Recap

So, last episode of My Hero Academia saw the end to one of the biggest stories in the anime’s history. Overhaul loses the ability to use his Quirk, and Sir Nighteye died surrounded by All Might, Deku, LeMillion, and everyone else. What could one of the biggest shonen anime on the market do to top such an amazing arc? Apparently start a new one with a slice of life theme.

My Hero Academia, Smoldering Flames


My Hero Slice of Life?

With the raid on the Hassakai over, Midoriya and his friends all return to U.A., save for Togata. He’s staying in the hospital for a little longer. However, despite losing his Quirk and his mentor, Togata’s confident about the future. As it turns out, Mr. Aizawa’s going to be training Eri in using her Quirk. Hopefully, she’ll be able to use to reverse the damage Overhaul did. Thus, the interns return to a big welcome from Class 1-A.

As for the other heroes, they get back to work on finding the League of Villains. Gran Torino captures Kurogiri, but when another of All for One’s minions attacks, they have to flee. Meanwhile, Bakugo and Shoto are going through their own trials. They’re still taking remedial classes for their Provisional Hero Licences. Now they have to take them with the students from their rival school, Shiketsu.


Well, folks, I think we can say that the next few episodes are going to be lackluster. After the emotional rollercoaster the show gave us with the Hassakai Arc, that’s to be expected. I know that not every moment in a shonen anime can be filled with action, but with the new opening, it just feels like the show’s a slice of life now. The outro only reinforced that with the whimsical pictures of all the heroes from their youth.

I know what’s going to happen next because I read the manga, and I’m not looking forward to these next few episodes. However, that said, I think the anime did a good job of wrapping up the previous arc. It shows the students dealing with their personal feelings and gives us a hope spot for Togata. I hope he gets his Quirk back one day; he’s too good at being a hero to sit on the sidelines forever.

I plan to keep covering the rest of the season, but I think my enthusiasm won’t be as great for the time being. Ah, well; I like slice of life anime. Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “Smoldering Flames” a 2.5/5. Now comes the boring arcs.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the next few episodes. There’s some meaty character interactions and bits of world building. But, not as much as THOSE TWO showing up.

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