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Mashima’s Reusing Another Trope of His

Edens Zero Chapter 78 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 78 Review/Recap

I’ve read most of Hiro Mashima’s works as a mangaka before. As a result, I think I can recognize a lot of recurring tropes his creations. Firstly, he likes doing a lot of fan service. However, there’s another trope that he’s used in most of his stories. What is it, you may ask? It’s where the main female lead has some big reveal about her past that will have an effect on the story going forward. I’m only bringing this up because that’s exactly what happens to Rebecca in this new chapter of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 78 Coverpage


After coming to in Joe’s room, Rebecca starts freaking out, only for Drakken Joe to calmly tell her he has no intentions of killing her. For that matter, he doesn’t plan to harm her at all. When Rebecca asks him why he wants Edens Zero so badly, he says there’s something precious on it, and offers to show her what it is.

Edens Zero Chapter 78, Ether Gear Overdrive

Meanwhile, Shiki’s forced to face down Jinn as Sylph goes after Homura and the medicine for Weisz. Whereas last time Shiki had an advantage, here Jinn completely overpowers him. He’s modified his body in order to unlock the full power of the Ether Gear, Overdrive. Elsewhere, Joe shows Rebecca a beaten and chained Labilia. It’s a gift to her in exchange for her joining his crew. As it turns out, she’s the precious something Edens Zero had, with Joe calling her “No. 29.”

Edens Zero Chapter 78, No. 29


I would say that I’m surprised about this vague, yet big, reveal about Rebecca. However, as I said at the start, this isn’t new. Mashima’s done this with the main heroine of most of his manga. In Rave Master, it was the reveal that Elie was experimented on to use Etherion. In Fairy Tail, it’s that Lucy was the runaway daughter of Fiore’s richest businessman. Now, we have whatever this “No. 29” is. What is it? No idea. I’m still in shock over what happened to Labilia.

I mean, I don’t like Labilia and think she doesn’t deserve her fame. However, I don’t think she’s really that nasty and I wouldn’t want this to happen to her.

As for the fight with Shiki, for the first time ever, he’s outmatched. I LOVE IT! All his fights have been fairly one-sided in nature, and while he’s gotten stronger, it’s only by a little. If he wants to survive outside the Sakura Cosmos, he has to break the ceiling above him. This fight with Jinn may be what forces him to get stronger.

In short, I liked this chapter, as it gave us some big reveals and sets us up for two major events going forward. While I think the thing with Rebecca’s been done enough by Mashima, I’m still curious as to what it means. I can’t wait for next week’s chapter!

I Give “No. 29” a 3.5. Loses points for unoriginality with lead heroine.

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  1. I kind of like how he mixed parts of Ellie and Lucy when he made Rebecca; Ellie’s backstory(somewhat), and Lucy’s features. Gotta be honest: I like blondes! But I prefer Ellie over Lucy.
    And I think that this new development will push Shiki to get stronger, too. In some of my earliest reviews; I thought that Jinn would be a kind of rival for Shiki. Someone to push him to get stronger. It’s just the nature of Shiki’s powers that are making him seemingly unbeatable.

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