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Being the Chosen One’s Overrated

The Owl House S1, Ep 2-The Boiling Isles

The Owl House Episode 2 Review

I’ve seen a lot of great stories that revolve around a special Chosen One meant to fulfill an important destiny. I think, from a cultural perspective, they’re meant to make everyone feel special and capable of being a chosen one. However, the last few years of TV seem to be going in the opposite direction, acting like prophecies and chosen one’s are bunk. Now The Owl House is following that route in its second episode. An episode which, I may end, seemed like a step down from the premiere.

Expecations vs. Reality Scenario

The Owl House Episode 2, Chosen One's are overrated.

It’s now Luz’s second day in the Boiling Isles, and Luz can’t wait to start her witch training. In her eyes, being the only human on the Boiling Isles makes her someone special “with a predetermined path of greatness.” In other words, she thinks she’s a Chosen One!

Her enthusiastic idealism’s endearing, but it conflicts with Eda and King’s more realistic look at things. As King bluntly puts it, “The Boiling Isles are nothing but a cesspool of despair.” It sounds mean-spirited, and it is, but I think it’s a realistic way to look at things in a world that can eat naivete for breakfast. Thus, when Luz seems to get a “chosen one, prophecy quest” from a wizard dressed like Yen Sid, the two know something’s up.


The next part of the episode goes into parody territory with your stereotypical chosen one quest with all the tropes. A village of adorable creatures to help out Luz? Yes, and they’re adorable. Awesome battle accessories? Par for the course. A hot, brooding angsty teenager with abs? Meh, after Marco’s time in the Neverzone, not impressed. Though I’m more curious if that guy’s voiced by Yuri Lowenthal or Billy Kametz when I’m not laughing.

I’m serious, this whole “quest” was so cliche I debated whether or not it made me feel nasueas or want to roll around on the floor laughing. Like Eda and King, I knew the whole thing was bunk from the start. Too bad it took a dark turn when that “wizard” turned out to be one of Eda’s rivals. The whole thing was a scam to get to Eda for taking his customers. Fortunately, once Luz breaks the illusion, they make short work of him. Then Eda eats him. Dark.

Don’t Wait For Destiny to Pick You.

So, Luz is not a chosen one, she wound in the Boiling Isles by complete accident, and she just got a major dose of reality. Which is hard to watch, because we know that Luz couldn’t fit in at home, and had trouble fitting in on the Boiling Isles. Fortunately, Eda and King lift her spirits with a bird’s eye view of the Boiling Isles. Kudos to the artists who designed the setting of the show, because this looks amazing.

So, what was the point of this whole experience? I think the moral can be chalked down to two points. First, you shouldn’t let your enthusiasm blind you to when something’s obviously too good to be true. The second and more important moral is the one Eda gives to Luz, that you shouldn’t wait for someone to tell you you’re special or a chosen one. Otherwise, you’ll spend your whole life waiting.

So, this episode wasn’t as good as the first one. The story, while funny, lacked the appeal that the first episode had. Hopefully, next week’s episode will be better.

I Give “Witches before Wizards” A 3/5. Shaky Second Episode

Stray Observations

  • Did anyone else find King’s tantrum dance to be adorable?
  • What goes in Apple Blood?

Favorite Quotes

  • “All that mean spirited laughter made me sleepy.”
  • “Being a witch doesn’t happen overnight. Also, you’re wearing a bathrobe and the dirtiest traffic cone I’ve ever seen”

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  1. I’ve heard that story, over and over again. And I have to admit: it is a little played out at this point. That said; it’s not like I hate it. I’ve actually seen case where they spin the “destiny child” bit on its head. Like “Ben 10;” Ben didn’t really have a destiny. In fact; him even getting the Omnitrix was a big fluke. But then you have episodes that go into the future to see what’s going on. Not a destiny; just a bright future that came from an accident.

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