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Blood Moon Trilogy: A Star Vs. Fan Fic


In a nutshell, Blackwolf’s Blood Moon trilogy takes Star vs. and injects it with the themes and level of drama found in Game of Thrones. The comedy remains there, but Blackwolf uses the show’s shift to drama and overarching plots to build on what Daron Nefcy made. As a result, he’s able to deal with themes that the show couldn’t dive into as thoroughly, either due to time constraints or the fact that it’s a Disney cartoon.

As themes go, there are three major ones that I’ve found throughout the stories: being able to choose your path and who you love, building on the lore of the show, and the youths challenging the status quo. These each interweave into each other, and only manage to get better as the story progresses.

Each of the show’s cast has to go through a lot of trials and tribulations in order to get what they want. The characters go through plenty of dangerous events that test their resolve. Several times, they almost falter, only to reaffirm the strength they gain from each other. It’s cliche, I know, but it works. Plus, seeing them stick it to the backwards-thinking elites of Mewni is the kind of thing I enjoy seeing. By Dawn, they’ve largely won, but now look poised to deal with a last gasp from the old guard. And the fact that Blackwolf doesn’t guarantee the survival of the main cast worries me!

As for lore, I’m impressed by how creative Blackwolf got with the origin and purpose of the Blood Moon. He comes up with a millenium old mythology surrounding it that connects the entire story together. Given how he had so little to go on makes this even more impressive.

While I do have a few problems with the focus of each story and the choice in villains, I can’t deny that Blackwolf gets better as he goes. As a whole, I think his story’s pretty solid and ties into the show’s history fairly well. I recommend it if you want to see what the show could have been like.


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