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Blood Moon Trilogy: A Star Vs. Fan Fic

The Dawn of the Sun

First Published: September 8, 2019

Status: Ongoing


Fourteen years have passed since Star and Marco saved Mewni from one of the greatest threats it’s ever faced. Thanks to the efforts of them and their friends, all of Mewni now prospers. Earth and Mewni are now permanently linked, Monsters are no longer treated as outcasts, and most of the backwards traditions of old have been done away with. They’re pretty much the most popular monarchs in Mewni’s history.

Despite all their success, though, the two’s focus remains on being the best parents they can. Now the day’s come for Star to pass on her wand to her oldest children, Andromeda and Orion. With the wand comes the ability to have great fun, but also great responsibility. Andromeda and Orion will have to rely on each other and their family as they begin to lead the next generation of Mewni.

All’s not well, though. Members of the old guard of Mewni stubbornly cling to the past, and deep in the Underworld, dark forces stir. A centuries old promise between Mewni and the Underworld has been broken, and forces from the past threaten to destroy everything Star’s built. It’s up to the original heroes and the next generation to save Mewni from a threat not even the Blood Moon can stop.

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