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Blood Moon Trilogy: A Star Vs. Fan Fic

The Dance of the Stars

First Published: May 21st, 2018

Status: Complete (REDUX to Come)


Two years have passed since the events of Sign of the Moon. Two years since Star and Marco defeated Eclipsa and Meteora and Star became Queen with Marco as her King. In that time, they’ve struggled to change Mewni for the better while dealing with those who seek to maintain the backwards, status quo. Despite everything, though, the pair’s love remains as strong as ever, and it’s about to get even stronger. They’re going to be parents!

Becoming parents is a challenge in and of itself, but to do so while ruling a kingdom at the age of 18 filled with scheming, self-centered nobles trying to block their progress at every chance? That seems like a nightmare. To make things worse, the forces of evil gather in the distance, determined to tear down what the young rulers are working for. Yet Star, Marco, and their friends have faced impossible odds before and come out on top, and with their friends by their side, they vow to do so again: together.

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