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Blood Moon Trilogy: A Star Vs. Fan Fic

Even though I have spoken enthusiastically about Star vs. The Forces of Evil in the past, I think we can all agree that it could have done some things better. However, if there’s one thing that I think was a missed opportunity, it was the Blood Moon Ball. Some Starco shippers saw it as the moment that decided that the two were meant for each other. Then Season Four’s “Curse of the Blood Moon” seemed to kill it for good. Only, not only did they end up together anyway, but the Blood Moon had nothing to do with it.

While I personally didn’t want Starco to happen because of some soul-binding, I see why some fans would be upset. The show doesn’t even explain how it’s a “curse” that well, making it even more of a letdown. However, a fan going by Blackwolfwrites decided to explore the potential of the blood moon in his own writing. The result is a trio of compelling stories that explore what could have been. This is what I like to call The Blood Moon Trilogy.

Minor Spoiler Warning, though

Sign of the Moon

Author: Blackwolfwrites

Type of Fanfic: AU/Shipping/Drama

First Published: Dec. 31, 2017

Status: Complete (Redux in progress)


Following the events of the first half of Season Three, Star Butterfly’s life is a mess. Her attempts to bring Mewman-Monster equality have stalled, her relationship with Tom is becoming strained, and she just found out that one of her worst enemies may be related to her! Through all these trials, though, she’s had her loyal best friend, Marco, by her side. Their bond, forged through countless adventures, has always been strong, in spite of feelings left unrequited and issues left unsolved.

Then, one fateful mission brings them back to the site of the Blood Moon Ball, and what they experience affirms what they already knew from the start: they’re meant for each other. Finally acknowledging their feelings for each other, the two best friends vow to be together, no matter what Mewni may think of them. They’ve overcome monsters, the Neverzone, St. Olga’s, Toffee, and more; what are some scheming nobles compared to that?

Little do the two realize, there’s a dark conspiracy in play that could decide to the future of Mewni itself…

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