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A Bright Future

Bright Future My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 14 Review/Recap

Last episode, we saw Deku give one of the greatest beatdown’s in MHA history. Overhaul’s been defeated at last, and they managed to give Eri a bright future. Yet with Lemillion losing his Quirk and Nighteye at death’s door, it’s a bittersweet victory. Now Deku must deal with one of the hardest parts of being a hero: losing a comrade.


With Overhaul defeated, the raid on the Hassakai’s base is over. However, Eri proves unable to deactivate her Quirk, putting Deku in danger until Eraser-Head shuts it off. With their leader beaten, the remaining Yakuza are hauled off to jail.

Overhaul Defeated and Eri's Bright Future Secured

The League of Villains, though, chooses now to get their revenge on Overhaul. They ambush his transport and steal the Quirk destroying drug. Then, as payback, Tomura and Mr. Compress destroy Overhaul’s arms, leaving him powerless.

As for the heroes, most of them are injured, but will recover. However, even with Recovery Girl to aid them, there’s nothing they can do to save Sir Nighteye. Thus, All Might, Deku, and Lemillion gather to say their goodbyes. All Might finally manages to make peace with his former sidekick, vowing to change his own future and live to train Midoriya. Nighteye then thanks Midoriya for showing him that the future can truly be changed. Then, with the last of his strength, he uses his Quirk on Lemillion, letting him know that he has a bright future as a hero before passing away.


I cannot tell a lie about this: I could feel my eyes welling with tears when I saw Nighteye die. I knew that it was coming because I read the manga, but it still hurt. In the end, the show managed to take an already emotional scene in the manga and turn it into a genuine tearjerker. Everyone who worked on this season deserves a pay raise.

Even though they managed to secure a bright future for themselves and Eri, the road ahead will be rough. At the moment, Aizawa’s the only one who can control Eri’s Quirk, so he’ll have to look after her from now on. In addition, Eri will need Midoriya and Togata’s help to overcome her trauma at the hands of Overhaul. It’s going to be tough, but I know they can do it.

Speaking of which, I think my favorite part of the episode was watching the League of Villains give Overhaul his comeuppance. Stealing the drug he worked so hard to make was bad enough, but taking his arms so he can’t use his Quirk? That’s a deliciously cruel irony, and a fitting punishment after all the people he’s hurt. Not to mention, Tomura looks so menacing in that new long coat.

My Hero Academia League of Villains

With the climax of the Hassakai Arc over, now we move on to the falling action as we deal with the aftermath. As a whole, I enjoyed this arc and think it gave us some of the best moments in the series thus far. Here’s hoping the next arc’s as interesting! Go beyond, Plus Ultra!

I Give “A Bright Future” a 4.7/5. Bonus Points for Easter Egg to Marvel

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