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A Fearsome Wind Blows! Sylph’s Secret Bond

The Winds that Bind. Or Wind

Edens Zero Chapter 77 Review/Recap

It’s a new year, and Edens Zero’s finally returned after an extended vacation. When we left off, Rebecca and Happy showed off their dog fighting skills against the wind user, Sylph of the Element 4. They managed to get past her in order to deliver the medicine to save their friend Weisz. However, Sylph managed to capture them inside some sort of wind prison! How will they fight her wind power, and why does it feel so familiar?

The Winds that Bind. Or Wind


Try as they might, Rebecca and Happy can’t escape from Sylph’s wind prison. Rebecca’s Leaper won’t work, Happy’s ether bullets won’t work. Worst of all, they can’t call for help. However, Hermit’s able to inform Shiki of the pair’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Sister continues interrogating Maria the slime. She doesn’t get why Joe’s so determined to capture the Edens Zero. However, she’s shocked to learn that Joe’s obsession started after learning something from Noah, the head of the Shooting Starlight Guild.

Back on the Belial Goer, Shiki, Pino and Homura find the medicine, but Rebecca and Happy are nowhere to be found. Sylph ambushes them, but Shiki’s ether gear cancels out her wind gear. He orders Homura to get the medicine to Weisz while he holds her off. However, he’s shocked when he’s faced by his old enemy, Jinn. Crazier still, it turns out that Sylph’s really Jinn’s sister, Kleene.

The Wind Siblings, Jinn and Sylph

Elsewhere, Rebecca awakens in an opulent bedroom, only to come face to face with Drakken Joe.


I had a feeling that we hadn’t seen the last of Jinn on Guilst. A character that tough wouldn’t die off-screen like that. As for Sylph being his sister, I had a vague suspicion since the last chapter. I never thought I’d end up being right about it though. The two are wind users, so it makes sense in hindsight.

Aside from that revelation, though, I’m more concerned with whatever Joe learned from Noah. We know little about the master of Shooting Starlight, other than the fact that he’s untrustworthy. After all, he sold Rebecca and those B-Cubers out, and gave Sister the mission that led to her capture. In other words, after they beat Joe, Shiki needs to have a talk with Noah.

Noah, head of the Shoot Starlight Guild Edens Zero

This was the first chapter of the manga in the new year, and while not as good as I wanted, I enjoyed it. We’re getting a gravity vs. wind rematch at last, and it seems like Joe’s about to reveal some major info to Rebecca. As to why he didn’t throw her in a dungeon, though, is beyond me. I’m betting we’ll learn soon, though.

I Give “The Winds that Bind” a 4/5

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