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When Two Worlds Collide: a Star vs Fanfic

Remember that week of Star vs fan fiction I did a few months ago? There was actually another pick I had that I ultimately chose not to include. However, I’ve decided that this story’s just too good to not talk about. It captures the spirit of the show in writing style and in artwork. Not to mention I’ve become good friends with the author on Twitter. So, time to get a little weird and a little wild when two worlds collide!

When Two Worlds Collide

Author: KPRS4ever

Type of Fan Work: Fanmade Sequel

First Published: May 23, 2019

Status: ongoing


In just the blink of an eye, Earth and Mewni were fused into one, creating Earthni. Equal parts wondrous and terrifying, this new world’s going to require some adjustments for everyone. Despite all the chaos, though, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz couldn’t care less! They’re able to spend the rest of their lives together going on adventures. No royal responsibilities, no Magic High Commission, no magic to ruin everything! Were it only so simple.

As with many things in their lives, Star and Marco’s solving of one problem gives rise to a new one. While keeping peace between the people of both worlds is hard enough, they soon discover that magic may not be gone for good. Worse still, it looks like some figures from Mewni’s past have come back to haunt them. With their friends by their side and their unbreakable bond, Star and Marco set off on new adventures when two worlds collide!


If you want to hear me praise KPRS4ever, then I’d recommend you read my shout-out to her that accompanies this review. All you need to know here is that she manages to continue the story of the show as though it never ended. When Two Worlds Collide takes full advantage of the new world of Earthni and the best elements of Star vs. The Forces of Evil to create a story that fans of the show will enjoy. And yes, there’s plenty of romantic moments between Star and Marco, along with a few other ships.

What I like most about When Two Worlds Collide, aside from the amazing artwork, is how KP goes beyond the show’s material to write her story. A large part of the plot comes from info found in the real life “Book of Spells.” As a result, it creates a unique story that keeps the spirit of the show intact while telling something new. If you’ve read the Book of Spells, or just read the chapters on the show’s wiki, then you’ll find some hints as to how the plot’s going to unfold.

Now, this next thing may just be because I was so distracted reading a bunch of other fan fics after the show ended, so I’m sorry, KP. When Two Worlds Collide can be a slow burn at first, taking a few chapters to help us start to piece together the plot. Once it gets going, though, it starts to get wild, especially once magic returns.

I know that’s a spoiler, but it had to be done. As it turns out, the Law of Conservation of Mass applies to magic, as well. While I’ll leave the rest for you to read, I’ll add two things. Firstly, only Star can use magic, and this happens:

KPRS4ever Wand 4.0

Go Read This Story

I’m not sure if I say this a lot, but KPRS4ever’s got some serious talent. Years from now, when and if she’s working on some big cartoon, we’ll be able to look back and say this story is where she got her start. When Two Worlds collide is a worthy successor to Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and if Disney+ decides to give the show a fifth season, I’d want it to be this. That, or I want to see Starco wedding!

Click here to read my shoutout to KPRS4ever

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