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Sun Crusher, the Most OP Ship in Star Wars

One of the big things about Star Wars is how the villains like big, grandiose weapons. Grevious had the Malevolence, which was the Bismarck with a giant ion cannon. In the canon, Darth Sidious has the Death Star’s. Then the First Order has Starkiller Base. However, all these superweapons pale in comparison to the most OP ship in all of Star Wars. A ship capable of obliterating entire solar systems and shrug off any hit. Behold, the ultimate superweapon, the Sun Crusher!

The epitome of stupidly powerful starships. Emphasis on the stupid part.

Yes, this oddly shaped, Starfighter sized ship is the most powerful weapon in Star Wars. If you’re not familiar with it (or don’t read Wookiepedia), you’re asking “how?” We’ll there are two reasons

Made of Indestructium

Firstly, the Sun Crusher’s made from this material called quantum armor. It’s made by stacking layers of atoms as densely together as possible. The result is an armor that can shrug off any type of damage. And I do mean any kind of damage! The Sun Crusher could take a shot from a turbolaser battery or even a miniature Death Star and brush it off.

Thanks to it’s indestructible armor, the Sun Crusher could double as a lethal ramming weapon. Han Solo flew it through the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer; it cut through it like paper.

Sun Crusher slices through a Star Destroyer

Sun Killing Torpedoes.

What truly made the Sun Crusher so deadly was its cargo of resonance torpedoes. When fired at a star, it would, via a process of scientific nonsense, destabilize it’s fusion cycle, causing it to eventually fall apart. In other words, it makes stars go supernova. The resulting shockwaves, radiation, and lack of sunlight will kill everyone.

Now here’s the kicker to all this: Darth Sidious didn’t even know this Sun Crusher existed, or else he would have used it. Tarkin created the weapon in a top-secret weapons facility located amidst a cluster of black holes, the Maw, and never told anyone about it. When he died, the galaxy forgot about the facility until Han and Chewie found it

Theft and Usage

With the help of the scientist who made the weapon, and Kyp Durron, a Force-sensitive escapee from Kessel, Han and Chewie escaped on the Sun Crusher. That lead to them slicing through the bridge of the Star Destroyer! Afterwards, the New Republic had no reason to keep the ship around, so they threw the Sun Crusher into the gas giant Yavin Prime. They hoped that would make it inaccesssible to anyone who sought to use it for evil. They were wrong.

Kyp Durron began training with Luke Skywalker as a Jedi, but he had a deep-seated hatred for the Empire for killing his parents and taking his brother away. The ghost of an ancient Sith Lord used that anger to drive him to the Dark Side. As a result, Kyp used the Force to raise the Sun Crusher from the depths of Yavin Prime. He then proceeded to go on a rampage against the Empire, destroying bases left and right.

Ultimately, Kyp’s rampage brought him to the Imperial training world of Carida, demanding they give him back his brother. When it appeared he was dead, Kyp fired a torpedo at the planet’s sun, dooming the system. Tragically, not only was his brother alive, but he was only a few feet away from the Sun Crusher when the sun went supernova. Kyp survived, but his brother didn’t.

Kyp’s Redemption and Destroying the Sun Crusher

The Sun Crusher sucked into a Black Hole

Not long afterwards, Luke’s students were able to destroy the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord, freeing Kyp from his dark influence. Overwhelmed by guilt, the young man surrendered to the New Republic to stand trial for his crimes. However, after Han stood up in his defense, it was decided that Kyp was not fully in control of his actions. Instead of executing him, the New Republic sentenced him to spend the rest of his life atoning for his crimes. His first task: to destroy the Sun Crusher.

Since even a gas giant could destroy the Sun Crusher, Kyp returned to the Maw and piloted it into one of the many black holes. The resulting gravitational forces either destroyed the superweapon or trapped it forever. As for Kyp himself, he managed to escape by cramming himself inside a tiny messenger pod. He would go on to become one of the best knights in the New Jedi Order, though he’d never forget his past actions.

So That’s It

Thus ends the story of the most grandiose superweapon in the history of Star Wars. I don’t think even Starkiller base can top what this tiny ship can do. What do you guys think is the more powerful: Starkiller Base or the Sun Crusher? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to check out Wookiepedia if you want to learn more about that ancient Sith Lord, Kyp Durron, or any of the other things mentioned in this article.

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